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Any Help Appreciated, PC Down after MWB

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Hello everyone,

On Christmas eve I clicked on "Miracle on 34th St" movie, and got alot of trojans, malware, spyware, etc. My desktop is a Dell Dimension E510, running with Windows XP Media Center operating system, and Internet Explorer 8 browser.

Although I could not use F8 to get into Safe Mode due to keyboard failure (keyboard failure message has always been on my computer since day 1), I was able to get into Safe Mode via Start/Run/msconfig.

I ran Malwarebytes, and I had planned to download and run AVG next. However I can no longer get to Safe Mode screen.

I also do not have any of the info MWB found, as I cannot get to that screen. It found 409 problems.

The Dell screen comes up, BIOS runs, then a screen with the keyboard failure comes up (as usual), and the only hope I have is that the next screen that comes up has "F2 Setup", and "F12 Boot Menu", appears on the screen; then it goes into a message "Loading BPR . . . " (it's too fast to read the rest) . . . ; and then it goes to a blank screen, dead in the water.

I think it does not go into Safe Mode because Malwarebytes found the registry files and Windows Sys files to be heavily infested. (Not a good sign.)

I don't have Windows XP disks . . . Dell sent the computer pre-loaded and without disks.

I am going to get a PS/2 keyboard (whatever that is) so that the F2 and other features can be accessed without the current problem of "keyboard failure".

Now any advice from you computer experts? Would appreciate any available help. Thanks. I'm trying to prevent a complete wipe & reformat. It's a learning experience for sure.

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Hi Carol and Welcome to Malwarebytes! You should start Here. This will be your best route to getting your system up and running again. Enjoy your stay!!

Thank you Jeff. Alas, the information doesn't apply to the information I gave in my original posting. As I cannot download anything.

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