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Malware information please!


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Hello Malakhar & welcome to Malwarebytes.org :D

Well, taking a peek though this forum will definitely show you some nasty malware. :welcome::

(do NOT reply in any of these topics though!!!)


Also you can check out these:







Also just take a peek through this form


Good luck with your paper!

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Some of the worst or nastiest malware as of now is probably any aggressive rogue or fake antivirus application. Another nasty one is the pornoblocker ransomware. Also, the file infectors are nasty such as Virut, ramnet, and Sality. As for the old nonmodern malware, virus encyclopedias will give you a lot of information about those. CIH is the best example of one of the worst old viruses I can think of right now.

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Thanks everyone!

To be more specific here... how about Malware that is similar to Stuxnet where it is able to cause massive damage to a company or country without them even knowing. I am trying to mainly make the paper about some of the worse Malware and formulate my own answers as to the possible different types of damage they can do. Like Stuxnet for example where it targets companies infrastructure and cripples them from the inside out.

I do appreciate the help here!

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I have an interesting paper on Stuxnet from a disscussion we had here on the forum a while back

This pdf is 100% safe as it was provided by a moderator

the above pdf is from this link


Virut, Ramnet, and Sality are nasty TDSS is really nasty

good luck with your assignment

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