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Hello to all of you.


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I'm introducing myself on a website of the creator(s) of the (so far) best data protecting software.

Where on average i had to install 2-4 times a year Windows and all other software again, it's reduced to zero.

Altough protected by Zonealarm, Norton AV, and all thinkeble protection an cleaning software a virus found it's way during surfing, emaling....

On a Dutch forum "Nationaal Computer Forum" (NCF) i placed a question about a Dell Desktop with 4x intel

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Hello Haider,

You wrote Malwarebytes is not a replacement for any AV program! I fully agree with you, but strange enough in the last 3 weeks it found:

1x trojanAV9.32.exe.zip in a not by me created folder AV9.

1x Virus2010.exe attached at a Norton AV udate

1x ?????? virus in word attachment of a mail

I use Norton Internet security 2011 T O T A L P R O T E C T I O N as they advertise at a price of 105 USD.

Norton didn'd notice any of the above!!

Malwarebytes comes at a cost of 23 USD including 2 year update + CD and detects that Norton doesn't see!!

PCTools i use already as long as it came on the market and it's used with care.

1st it's creating a recovery point before any action it takes

2nd it's always used in the automatic (safe ) mode

Especialy Malwarebytes is used every day automatic on the computers of the kids.

You will not know what Hyves, Twitter & MSN puts on these pc's.

But thanks for the "Welcome message".

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