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What is your biggest catch?

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I realised that some malwares just got disabled by some newer malwares...? :D

So is a big fish eat small fish thing? :)

No, I don't think you are realizing anything. Please start a topic in the Malware Removal forum and follow the instruction in the link I posted prior. You need to clean this machine, it's a menace to the WWW.

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Just wonder what is the maximum malware anyone every caught in a single pc? :D

The biggest catch was about a year ago. Went to do an onsite, came home with 271 viable malware samples after cleaning several hundred (kid you not) known malware executables.

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The worst system I've ever seen had around 24000 traces picked up by MBAM, almost all of them in the Fonts directory. Unfortunately MBAM crashed with a runtime error before it finished removing them all.

Did you try again? If this is your machine please start a topic in the malware removal forum?

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Pretty sure he has gone on as though it's all fine and dandy. Will not post in HJT forum so we can be sure.

Did a machine tonght that had over 5600. Mbam could not hold it all and ran out of memory before it could remove them. I was able to abort the removal on the second try and actually removed about 700. The scan is down to about 4900 now. The majority being infectewd in the fonts` folder. To many for mbam to handle until version 1.25 comes out.

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