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  1. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1293 Always had this question. The answer is at this support link. MH
  2. Are you using the Chrome Extension? MBAM Premium has no problem with it, just the browser extension.
  3. not sure why this site is blocked. Thanks https://beaconinvesting.com -
  4. The answer to my particular question is no. I have a Lifetime Lic so that can only be used pf PC's. If you have one that expires that would work. MH
  5. I have some extra licenses for Malwarebytes and I would like to use on a MAC. I attempted to enter the number but it does not allow me to continue. I see on the purchase site that says the program can be "mixed and matched". Thanks MH
  6. Heavus

    Chrome Extension

    Thanks. Appreciate that information.
  7. Heavus

    Chrome Extension

    When installed there is a MBAM symbol with a number on it. What is this for? Thank You.
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