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  1. I got this error while trying to use MBAM: The msi must be launched through setup Any advice?
  2. Sorry mate, got back home just and realised that my brother has reformated it...
  3. I have no network accessing (total network down after restarting). Winsockfix and lspfix didn't fix it. Any idea?
  4. This malware (Antivirus 2008) is getting outdated...
  5. Due to the wonderful Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, the profit of Antivirus 2008 has down more then 50%...
  6. This is what i mean in my treat http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5825 I realised that when removing some malware, they will "hug and die together" with some system files too....
  7. Yep, I do have internet, that's where all of them came from... one in and all in.....
  8. Anyone like to share any knowing of files being attack by malware so badly until you can't load windows? One example from me is mmc.exe error while loading WinXP.
  9. Oh, I removed the infection once I detected that thousand over bugs, my system is ok already. Thanks.
  10. I realised that some malwares just got disabled by some newer malwares...? So is a big fish eat small fish thing?
  11. Yep... this much malwarebytes can catch..... so many fishes..... see attached for log.... mbam_log_7_26_2008__21_17_58_.txt mbam_log_7_26_2008__21_17_58_.txt
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