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Minor bug in tooltip display for v1.45

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Very impressed with v1.45, all working fine except for this possible bug (Vista x64 SP2):

When you hover over the Malwarebytes icon in the System Tray, I see the database version, but this version number does not seem to get updated once the database has updated via the realtime update option.

For example, Vista booted up this morning, hovering over the icon shows database version 3935 (30/03/2010). After a few minutes the realtime update kicks in and I see a popup balloon stating that the database has updated to 3936. But hovering over the icon still displays version 3935 (30/03/2010). Checking the Update tab in the main Malwarebytes screen shows that the database is version 3936.

XP seems to be OK.

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Thanks for the reply - I have just booted the laptop and shortly afterwards Malwarebytes auto-updated to 3937. hovering over the icon states that the database version is still 3936.

"Current Database Information" states

Date 31/03/2010

Database Version 3937

Fingerprints loaded 210905

If I exit the Protection Module and restart it, the correct database version is then displayed when hovering over the icon.

I have scheduler update settings of

On reboot

Realtime every 10 mins

I noticed this problem last night with version 3934 to 3935.

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