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  1. I would agree - I'm not going to touch this public release until the major issues have been fixed. Far too many major/worrying ones to risk it on any machine.
  2. I thought that you were relesing the GUI change that gave a smaller "Scan Now" green bar on the Dashboard, as in https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/c43zmp8n57mjqltzctwd Two of my systems have just auto-updated to V2.0.1.1004, and the "Scan Now" button size has not changed.
  3. Had the automatic update this morning - running NOD32 V7 with signature database 9637. Nothing at all flagged.
  4. But would perpetual licvences, even if they were priced much higher, be a large enough revenue stream for Malwarebytes in order for it to be able to continue to expand and improve its offer? Let's face it, faced with a choice of a one-off payment of say $50 or an annual payment of $15, many people would choose the one-off option, thus reducing overall revenue. That would not be good for the business model that has been chosen.
  5. I have both products running together on my three systems (2x Win8.1 and Vista) and experience no slowdowns. Even running them on XP a few months ago gave me no issues.
  6. I cannot speak for other AV packages, but Eset's NOD32 is working fine alongside Malwarebytes on my systems.
  7. Surely you need to turn on real-time protection from the menu (or via rght-clicking the system tray icon & ensuring that filesystem protection and website blocking both have ticks against them)?
  8. That happened to me as well when I manually upgraded my Vista system.
  9. I should add that I guess that the issue was not seen to be a showstopper for the V2 release, but that it will be addressed in a later update.
  10. This was posted in the Beta forum relating to V2 RC1 I presume that the issue has not been fixed upon releaase (especially as it relates to the same build version.
  11. You're lucky - sometimes it can be 30 seconds, but more often it's every three or four seconds 2014/01/15 17:26:54 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)2014/01/15 17:26:54 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)2014/01/15 17:26:57 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)2014/01/15 17:26:58 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)2014/01/15 17:26:59 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)2014/01/15 17:27:01 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)2014/01/15 17:27:02 GMT MAINPC *** IP-BLOCK (Ty
  12. I should add that it's flagged as "outgoing", and I am sat behind a router
  13. Started getting this potentially malicious website blocked message today, quoting Am on V2014.01.15.07 Another member has reported a simuilar issue on the main forum.
  14. The same happened here on Vista, after the second reboot all was OK.
  15. My erreors were coming up during realtime scanning, Samples attached of feedback.exe op_mon.exe and wl_hook.dll as well as the scan log (which shows up some other entries which I think are all related to Outpost) OP FP.zip mbam-log-2011-10-25 (19-02-01).txt
  16. Yes, same problem as yourself - wl_hook.dll op-mon.exe and feedback,exe being reported, OP Pro 7.0
  17. I received the email, and tested the new modeule. However, as the email stated to post if we had any errors (rather than to post to report results), I did not post as I had no errors (on XP SP2, XP SP3 an Vista SP2).
  18. For a possible explanation, see post 125 above from exile360: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?s...st&p=202334
  19. I seem to have solved it by performing an uninstall & reboot, running mbam-clean.exe and reboot followed by a reinstall.
  20. Thanks for the reply - I have just booted the laptop and shortly afterwards Malwarebytes auto-updated to 3937. hovering over the icon states that the database version is still 3936. "Current Database Information" states Date 31/03/2010 Database Version 3937 Fingerprints loaded 210905 If I exit the Protection Module and restart it, the correct database version is then displayed when hovering over the icon. I have scheduler update settings of On reboot Realtime every 10 mins I noticed this problem last night with version 3934 to 3935.
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