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In the coming weeks we will be revamping the entire website with new content and better site navigation. We are looking for a brand new website template. If anybody has any ideas or something they would like to see - feel free to post here. A link to the design template would help. Below is an idea of what we have seen so far.


Of course, we would use the HTML version, not the flash.

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They are both quite eye catching :). Out of interest had a quick look though the computer themed section and the two below are ok but bare in mind my artistic appreciation is borderline the Philistine according to my wife ;).



The second link you picked is standing out, I like that template as well. B)



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I think Ducky wanted something more business oriented, we ended up going with this one:


I'm working on it right now. :)


Nice choice B) and thanks Gimpguy2000 and YoKenny1 for also thinking one of my choices was ok, you may join the "Borderline the Philistine, Art Appreciation Club" :).....;).

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