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  1. Very nice/congratulations all concerned(I will post about this in the JRT support topic over in GeekU).
  2. Congratulations your computer appears to be malware free! Clean-Up with DelFix: Please download DelFix to your desktop Right-click on delfix_10.8.exe and select Run as Administrator to launch the application.Referring to the image below, select all available options:Then click on Run.Once it has finished processing, a notepad file named DelFix.txt will open. Post the contents in your next reply for my review.The log can also be located at the root of the system drive, C:\DelFix.txt.After you have posted the aforementioned DelFix.txt, delete it and empty the Recycle Bin.Now some advice for o
  3. Hi. If I may ask why the prolonged delays between a posted response from your good self ? Next: Going back to the problem creating a Start-Up Repair Disk. Whilst this is not malicious and most likely due to your machines vagaries as mentioned prior, trying to pinpoint the exact issue blocking recdisc.exe could be akin to attempting to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. So if the need we can access the aforementioned via the Advanced Boot Options. However if you have never created any form of Recovery Media my friendly advice would be to do so as explained in this HP Consumer Suppor
  4. Hi. We will deal with some of the results as follows and perform a few checks also.Custom FRST Script: Open notepad. PNow please copy the contents of the code-box below. To do this highlight the contents of the box and right click on it. Paste this into the open notepad. StartReg: Reg Delete "HKCU\SOFTWARE\INSTALLCORE" /FReg: Reg Delete "HKCU\SOFTWARE\INSTALLCORE." /FEndSave it to your Desktop as fixlist.txtNow right-click on FRST.exe and select Run as Administrator to start FRST.Then click on the Fix button/radio tab >> at the Fix completed prompt click on OKA log will now open name
  5. Hi. with regards to this you mentioned:- This most likely will not be something malicious related but rather because your machine appears to be a HP modal and or something else is actually hindering recdisc.exe from working correctly. We will address this in due course once I am satisfied your machine is malware free. So please proceed with my prior instructions from TFC(Temp File Cleaner): onwards and we will then go from there, thank you.
  6. Hi. Acknowledged and thanks for the update, lets proceed as follows shall we... Next: Do you have a Windows 7 64 Bit Installation DVD or not ? If the latter please follow the advise in this tutorial:- How to create a Windows 7 Startup Repair Disk As we may need to make use of the Installation DVD and or Startup Repair Disk... TFC(Temp File Cleaner): Please download TFC to the desktop,Save any unsaved work. TFC will close all open application windows.Right-click on TFC.exe and select Run as Administrator to run the program.Click the Start button in the bottom left of the GUI(graphical u
  7. Hi. I will be assisting you for the duration of Naathim's absence... Before we proceed any further can you provide myself with a brief update about your machines overall performance now and if any particular issues are remaining, thank you.
  8. Absolutely tragic, Rest in Peace Matt. Farewell, SpySentinel
  9. Hi. OK this will occur with Windows 7 and Erunt if you did not run Erunt in admin mode as it requires admin permissions to be able to create a backup successfully. If in the even you did this may be indication the registry is corrupted for example. No need to apologise, the fault is actually the malware that has been on-board and most likely made some changes to the operating system as a whole which may just not be able to be identified successfully....Though overall the fault is with the criminal lowlifes who create/peddle malware. As it stands your machine has been badly infected and as I
  10. Hi. My apoligies about proviiding the incorrect URL for the Fix IE utility, please delete the copy you did find and we will come back to that and the other errors you mentioned. Thank you for the claification. Please run Rkill again. (I do not require to view the log) Backup the Registry: Modifying the Registry can create unforeseen problems, so it always wise to create a backup before doing so. Please navigate to Start(Windows 7 Orb) >> All Programs >> ERUNT >> Right-click on ERUNT and select Run as Administrator. Click on OK within the pop-up menu. In the next menu unde
  11. Hi. Aye thanks it does and you're welcome. Is the actual drive inoperable? If not it may be just that the auto-run feature has been disabled, which in itself is not a bad thing but for a actual CD/DVD drive not really necessary I think personally. The results of the file upload/the state of your machines MBR are good. We could have repaired it if necessary but that is a particular option I would be wary to do as it would mean access to the recovery partition would no longer be had...Anyway at least it can still be used if the need. Browser Repairs/Resets: Please download Fix IE Utility the
  12. Hi. You're welcome and thanks for the update also. This explains the MBRCheck results which as a precaution we will check out shortly. What this basically means is your machine has what is know as a OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of Windows 7 and rather than having a W7 DVD. So any form of repairs and or recovery is via manufacturer specific software installed on a partition of a hard-drive. Basically if a complete system recovery is performed this resets the machine back to it original status when purchased and is defacto a reformat and reinstallation of the Windows operatin
  13. Hi. Thanks for the update, lets proceed as follows shall we. Question: Do you have a copy of the Windows 7 64 bit installation DVD at all in-case we require it to perform some repairs? Download/run Rkill: Please download Rkill from one of the following links and save it to your Desktop: One, Two,Three, Four or Five Note: If your security software warns about Rkill, please ignore and allow the download to continue. Right-click on Rkill and select Run as Administrator. A command window will open then disappear upon completion, this is normal. Please leave Rkill on the Desktop until otherwise a
  14. Hi and welcome to the Malwarebytes Forum . I'm Dakeyras and I am going to try to assist you with your problem. Please take note of the below: I will start working on your Malware issues, this may or may not, solve other issues you have with your machine. The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine! The process is not instant. Please continue to review my answers until I tell you your machine is clear. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear. If you don't know, stop and ask! Don't keep going on. Please reply to this t
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