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Copy and Transfer an Executable File


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Goal: copy and move the classic Snipping Tool from one computer (with no Internet access) to a new computer, with access. Ideally to a Chromebook too.

Reason: The preloaded Snipping Tool in Windows 11 has no editors of any kind. No pen, highlighter or eraser.

Actions: watching/reading about the Snipping tool, repair and reset. Download (new/same) Snipping tool.

Result: No changes

I've attached the desired file details-created in 2009.

Thank you for suggestions.


Snipping File.JPG

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  • Root Admin

Possibly something there you may like that is free

I have used a couple different products way back in time but have settled on Techsmith Snagit for years now. Not free but considering I create thousands of captures I find the workflow works well for me.


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6 minutes ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Great resource @AdvancedSetup, thank you. TinyTake and PicPick are what I'm looking for. Until this forum, my screenshots were plain vanilla full screen. After I inadvertently posted my real IP online, Dave told me about the editing tools in Snipping Tool, I'd never noticed or used them before. I'm a convert now. Techsmith Snagit offers a free 15 day trial, that's a possibility too.

When you find something that works for you, regardless of cost, it's worth it.

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