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New odd notification

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Good day, all.

This week, I have noticed a few new things that I wanted to bring to your attention.

Long time user, rarely have issues.

Run nightly automatic scans at 230am local time, which run without incident or notification to me when I unlock the computer in the morning.

This week (perhaps related to the 4.5.23 update), after unlocking the computer in the morning, I have twice received alerts (usually about 10 minutes after unlocking) that a scan has completed and no malicious items were found. If I view the report of this scan, I get the attached scan summary with no items scanned. If I close this report and go to the reports tab, the most recent scan shown is the one overnight at 230am, and a look into the details of that one shows about 400k items scanned (picture not attached). 

Computer and MWB otherwise functioning normally.

I do not get any other phantom notifications throughout the day, so I assume that this new notification relates to the overnight scan, but I'm not sure why it is happening newly this week, and I don't know why it shows zero items scanned. I am aware I can turn off notifications of scans if there were no detections, but that wouldn't really solve the problem, just the symptom of the problem. Have also attached logs from the support tool.

Thanks for your insights!

scan summary.jpg



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  • Root Admin

Thank you for the feedback @drdas

I believe that is due to new feature updates as you surmised. Please see the following


Features and improvements

  • Added idle state logic to improve visibility of important notifications
  • Improved multi-language support
  • Security improvements


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  • Root Admin

Please download the following and save it to your computer.

MB4 Offline Installer


Then quit your web browser and all other locations and run the installer over the top of your current installation.

Then once completed, restart the computer.

Then check for updates in Malwarebytes again and run a new Threat Scan and post back that new log


Thank you @drdas


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I’m happy to do this if you think it would be helpful. Normal threat scans show the correct number of scanned files with zero detections. It is only when I open the morning pop up that I get this weird screen. I suspect the morning pop up isn’t linking to the overnight scan correctly, whereas when I go into the scan menu and click reports, it shows the correct data.

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  • Root Admin

Yes, I just want to verify that all the files get updated, so yes, if you can please follow those update instructions that would be great.

Then tomorrow if the same issue comes up, please let us know and get us a fresh set of logs from the MBST tool.

Thank you again @drdas

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