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  1. Don't know if you are still following this topic, @AdvancedSetup, but I thought I'd let you know that the problem spontaneously resolved today on both my new and old computer. Suspect an update from either MWB or the security software. I'll let you know if I see a recurrence.
  2. Looks like I spoke too soon :) While the GUI is definitely not taking 5 minutes to open anymore. It is now up to 1-2 minutes routinely. I'll touch base with my IT folks about some of the recommendations you previously made, but my guess it that removing the security software may be a non-starter.
  3. A little good news / bad news in response. My IT department decided it was about time to replace my six-year-old laptop anyway, so I am now running a (relatively) new machine with the same software installed, and MWB doesn't seem to be having the long delay that was previously present (now running closer to 15 seconds for the GUI to appear, with only a slight hiccup delay in menu appearing on right click of the icon in the taskbar). Unfortunately, that means we won't get a chance to tweak the old machine to see if we can identify the culprit responsible for the delays. I am very appreciative of the help of both of you @AdvancedSetup and @Porthos.
  4. Yes. Some of this will need to be managed by my IT folks so I have a request in to them. This may take a few days.
  5. Thanks for the website link. I've uploaded the file and sent along the transfer link. Thanks again!
  6. I have done as requested, but even zipped, the file is about 300 MB (it took closer to 10 minutes to open this time, maybe because I was also running the process monitor?). Please let me know how I should share the file. And thanks @AdvancedSetup for your ongoing assistance!
  7. Done. No change in the behavior. Still long delays when right clicking on the icon and a 3-5 minute delay in getting the GUI open either through that mechanism or by using the start menu.Can provide more logs if requested.
  8. Will do, @AdvancedSetup. But after the scary warning I got when I tried to activate beta updates, I'm gonna go ahead and backup my files first, so it might take a few hours. Has anyone had any problems with bricking after activating beta updates for MWB?
  9. Well that’s definitely faster than mine by a mile but you do have more ram and it is slower than I was used to before two weeks ago....
  10. I am curious to know if the original poster is still having this issue (slow opening times for MWB). I had this same thing start last week and the problem persists, though I did not have any unexpected crashes or detections.
  11. Indeed it is, sir. The problem persists. The reality is that, as long as I don't make any effort to open the main interface or right click on the icon, I wouldn't know that there was a problem at all. And maybe ignoring it is the way to go. Scans are continuing to occur at scheduled times and they seem to run with the appropriate speed. So it is really more of an annoyance than anything else....
  12. AdvancedSetup: Thanks for your response. I did this (see my Tuesday evening EST post) and it did not change the behavior. I can post the logs from mbst-clean-results if you would like.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Well it definitely ain't the newest computer. Standard drive (not optical or solid state), but plenty of free space (250G out of 450G free). 8 GB RAM, intel i5-5300 2.30GHz processor. But again, everything else is running smoothly and MWB was perfect until this weekend. And it is only MWB that seems to have slowed down. FWIW: If I run task manager when I'm waiting for MWB to open, neither the CPU nor the memory get above 50% utilization total (among all programs) though MWB does get the lion's share while its awaiting opening (21% CPU).
  14. Last proactive note (then I'll await wiser minds' input). I did run the MWB cleaning tool to uninstall and reinstall the software. No change in the symptoms. Happy to post the mbst-clean log if it would be helpful.
  15. And until yesterday mine has always been zippy as well. That’s why I am wondering if there is something in the component package that may have caused this new behavior on some machines.
  16. Additional information (which may or may not be helpful): Once the MWB program window is open, everything within that window reacts quickly, and scans seem to function normally and speedily, whether routinely daily scans or on-demand scans. It is simply opening up the context menu (only from the MWB icon) and opening up the program window that take a long time (and I just measured it; it is three minutes after clicking on "show Malwarebytes" for the window to pop up).
  17. I don’t think it’s a RAM issue, since I’ve used this for years and the problem just started. I haven’t installed any new software or applied any other updates, which is why I wondered if it could be the recent MWB version that installed itself over the weekend.
  18. Greetings, everyone. And thanks for many years of allowing me to use this great product! Starting some time in the last few days, I am noting the below new behaviors: 1) Right clicking on the Malwarebytes icon in the task bar is associated with a very long delay before the associated context menu shows up (with check for updates on top). All other icons respond much more quickly when they are right clicked, 2) When I use this method to "show Malwarebytes", it now take more than one minute for the program screen to open; previously, it rarely took more than five seconds. All other computer functions are operating normally, including their speed. I have updated Malwarebytes (it showed no updates needed), quit and restarted Malwarebytes, without change, and have rebooted, without change. Could this be a manifestation of Friday's component package update? Am running Windows 10, version 1909 (my company is slow to adopt new versions). Happy to send additional information, if desired. Thanks!
  19. One more crazy idea...could this be part of the windows update process trying to clean itself up that MWB is blocking? It did start after I applied updates on wednesday......
  20. Fixes applied as per request. Firefox reset. Still getting the exploit block popup though. Fixlog attached. Fixlog.txt
  21. It is the DASCHUL account that I regularly use. The others are setup by my work IT folks. Will apply recommended fixes and let you know.
  22. And in case it helps, I have also determined that signing out and signing back in to my profile also elicits the exploit pop up. As long as I stay signed in...l no problems.
  23. A couple of things: i dont see an attachment. i am not syncing Firefox with any other devices. Is there a reason to believe that Firefox would be causing the issue in question? thanks again!
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