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AdwCleaner for Small Business (10 or less people)?


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I'm interested in AdwCleaner but nothing else. Is this free for businesses to use to clean customer computers? I see business versions of Malwarebytes Premium and other full suite programs but I was hoping there's some kind of use case or purchaseable package allowed for just AdwCleaner that's cheap since it's normally free. Again, I know that the full suite has many benefits but I'm just interested in that specific tool. I tell my friends and family to use it because it's quick and finds what other programs don't.

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Hello @Grunty,

Sorry for the delay, I wanted to reply sooner but got sidetracked.

There is no "purchase package" for AdwCleaner as of today, however we want AdwCleaner to be useful to everyone, that's why we included the following in the EULA:


2.3. Small Technical Repair Shop.  If your company or other legal entity is a Small Technical Repair Shop your license permits you to use the Software solely for your internal business purposes. “Small Technical Repair Shop” means an entity who meets the following requirements: (1) your internal business purposes is primarily diagnosing, repairing and remediating your external customers’ devices; and (2) your entity and its affiliates (including your parent entity and subsidiaries, as applicable), as aggregated, have no more than 10 staff members. If you and your affiliates’ aggregate staff exceeds 10 staff members, then you are not eligible as a Small Technical Repair Shop.

Does it cover your use-case?

Please DM me if not so we can discuss further.

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