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  1. Hello, @zherot: Can you do the following, and report back the results? 1. Open cmd.exe as administrator 2. Type each line below separated by the key <Enter>. `adwcleaner.exe` is the filename of AdwCleaner, you may need to adjust it accordingly depending on where it is located. adwcleaner.exe /eula /scan echo %errorlevel% 3. Let us know (a screenshot is fine) what output is shown. Best regards,
  2. Hello, Fresh databases are flowing in again properly. No action needed on your side, you can just launch a scan as usual 👍 Regards,
  3. Hello, @CliffSThanks for the report, we're tracking this issue internally now.
  4. Hello, We are happy to announce the immediate availability of AdwCleaner 8.3.0 after several months of work! We rewrote the updater module from scratch. It is now more secure, more robust, and maintain channels consistency across updates (which means that updating from AdwCleaner Beta will upgrade to the next AdwCleaner Beta, whereas we forced the upgrade to AdwCleaner stable previously). On the same topic, the release channel (Alpha, Beta) is now displayed on the title bar to clear up confusions about which mode AdwCleaner is running in. Internally, we made our handling of JSON objects more robust and easier to maintain on the long-run. This should for instance reduce/eliminate bugs in the quarantine, the settings, the exclusions... We also reduced the number of external hosts AdwCleaner communicates with to only adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com:443. Firewall ACLs can be adjusted to only allow this domain going forward. We finally fixed various issues about some command-line arguments that were incorrectly parsed which fixes a few side-effect issues. As usual, the changelog is available below: ## v8.3.0 [29/06/2021] ### New Features * Rewritten updater. It now keeps track of the previous channel and uses it for the updated version. * When running in non-release mode (e.g alpha or beta) the channel is displayed on the title bar. * Make the database update channel distinct from the product update channel (for instance it makes it possible to use AdwCleaner alpha with a beta database). ### Changes * Improve handling of json operations. * Update Malwarebytes branding to "Cyberprotection for everyone". * Consolidate most external urls to "adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com". * Update definitions to 2021.06.29.1 * Update translations. ### Bugfixes * Make the updater more robust as sometimes the updater didn't launch the new AdwCleaner version. * Make the GUI arguments parsing more robust. * Fix some cut-off buttons rendering in Brazilian Portuguese AdwCleaner can be downloaded from the Product page: https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  5. Hello, Here the answer from MajorGeeks I received, posted with permission: @evilfantasy I hope you understand that there has been no bad faith from the AdwCleaner team on this topic. I hear your complains for other Malwarebytes products, but please report them in the appropriate section so that the team in charge can do something about it. Going forward we will add a visual indicator in the UI when a build is an Alpha or Beta so that in case it is wrongly picked by a third party people will be able to easily notice when it's not a final version. Regards,
  6. They are labelled as Beta and Alpha, and none are the default downloaded files. I reached out to MajorGeeks but haven't received a reply yet. I will keep this post updated when I get one.
  7. Once again I confirm that there has been no content update on the AdwCleaner Lifecycle page. The only change on this page since the 8.2 release has been a formatting improvement for the table. It seems that you are trying to blame me or whoever on AdwCleaner's team about this non-issue and I don't understand why. Thus in full honesty I'm reaching Major Geeks to ask them where they got the wrong information about a final AdwCleaner 8.3, and to advise them to use the "Release" field on the update Manifest or the Lifecycle page or the forum announcements to be notified of new versions, and that no other source is official. I'll answer accordingly when I get any new information from them. Regards,
  8. Hello @FetzBox22, Thanks, it's normal this time :)
  9. Hello @evilfantasy, I don't know how you got this false information about AdwCleaner, but I definitely don't provide them a notice every-time there is a new AdwCleaner release. I'm sure they have automated systems to deal with monitoring updates for software they host. You would be amazed by the amount of requests from various scrapers we see in action a few seconds after each new AdwCleaner release 😉
  10. @evilfantasy As I said above, AdwCleaner 8.3 stable has not been released yet. Only pre-versions (beta, alpha) have been. Other websites may have picked up these pre-versions and labelled them as stable, but we have always recommended users to not fetch AdwCleaner from third party websites and this is another example of why we advise against doing that. When a new AdwCleaner stable version gets release you will be prompted in-app. Regarding other Malwarebytes products release cycles you may have more luck to ask in this section. Regards,
  11. Hello, I confirm that 8.3.0 stable has not been released yet. We were hoping to ship it later last week but we got delayed, aiming for this week instead. 🤞 The published 8.3.0 and 8.3.1 from the links above are all legit pre-versions to this day, and not the final release. Hopefully that address your questions or concerns, but let me know if you have any other questions,
  12. Hello, Launching the GUI by double-clicking it doesn't launch anything either (still from the new directory)?
  13. Hello, Sorry for the delay. When you try again, do you get a more recent update?
  14. Hello, Yes, this is an unrelated warning which doesn't indicate a problem, simply that there is no content to be used at this time. We're moving this debug line to INFO with a more explicit message in a future release.
  15. Hello, I've deployed my fix yesterday, and it is now available for all users. It improved various things, but also should fix the issue you reported. If you still encounter the same weird behavior and lines in the debug log, can you let me know? Thanks,
  16. Hello @Michael894, I adjusted what was triggering this, it should be better from now on. Thanks for the report,
  17. Thank you very much! I've been working on a fix for the past few days, I hope to be done sometimes later this week. I'll keep in touch.
  18. Hello, @fklstv7Can you confirm you followed the steps from Maurice's link above before using AdwCleaner, including the following:
  19. That's weird. Could you enable the debug mode and run AdwCleaner again? Then when you see the database behavior happening again please send me the entire C:\AdwCleaner folder. Regards,
  20. Hello, Can you expand on that please? Do you mean that sometimes - although your computer has a working network connection - AdwCleaner keeps using the bundled definitions?
  21. Hm thanks, indeed I delisted this element. Thanks for the report!
  22. Hello, This is still abnormal, but I suspect it's related to the network and it has something to do with the definition updates check at the beginning of the scan.. I think that it took a long time to download the latest definitions and that subsequents scans didn't have to do it since they were already up-to-date. In case it happens again in the future, could you try enforcing using the bundled definitions (see there ) and enabling a debug log? Thank you,
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