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  1. It's now released - https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/270645-adwcleaner-81/ Thanks everyone 👍
  2. Hello, We're excited to release AdwCleaner 8.1 as a major release. Indeed, the scanning operations now happen in parallel rather than sequentially so that AdwCleaner scans more elements at the same time. The scan was already pretty fast (between a few seconds and ~2min for the 95 percentile), but it will be blazing fast with this release. This will allow you to spend less time trying to get rid of annoyances, and more time on things you actually enjoy :) We also want to thank you the beta testers to help confirm the 8.1 was stable. The changelog is available bel
  3. Hello, I don't see any issues server-side. What makes you think that the update server are unavailable? Can you share a method so that I can reproduce ? Good suggestion, we'll see what we can do in this regard.
  4. Thanks! I indeed forgot to mention that this beta doesn't yet contain the updated version number, but the GA one will :)
  5. Hello, We silently published a beta build of AdwCleaner 8.1 last night. It has since been downloaded a few hundred times without any issues reported, so we now would like to share it to a broader audience before we move to GA. The beta version is available to download there, and we plan to release it next week as stable if no issue appears. AdwCleaner 8.1 brings parallelism in scanning operations, or said differently we rework the scan in order to make it (much much) faster. Since most of the scanning module are IO-bound (and not CPU-Bound), we now make use of multiple thre
  6. Hello, Thank you for your patience. We just released the version Can you follow the steps below to help us pinpoint your issue? It will provide us an activity log of what's blocking when AdwCleaner tries to launch. Download and launch Process Monitor. To do so, follow the steps there: https://support.sophos.com/support/s/article/KB-000034769?language=en_US#normal (launch it, click on capture, clear the events, then click on Capture again before doing the next step) Download AdwCleaner, and launch it. Then on the Process Monitor window, click o
  7. Hello, We just released AdwCleaner Please give it a try, it should fix your issues based on the feedback we received
  8. Hello, We've released AdwCleaner as a patch release. It doesn't contain any new feature or visible change compared to 8.0.9. However, this version is now packed by default with a custom UPX build that fixes a startup issue faced by several users who have been unable to launch AdwCleaner at all. It has been almost a year-long effort to finally pinpoint the root cause of this annoying bug, so we're happy to finally get it out of the doors. The changelog is available below: ## v8.0.9.1 [20/01/2021] ### Changes * Update the UPX build used to pack AdwCleaner in order to fix
  9. Thanks, that's annoying.. This special 8.0.9 one is heavier, and might be able to go further: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/52bwgo624sh5hten7zbbj01ulxc4rhee If it still doesn't work, we'll have to investigate together or find a way to reproduce the issue on our side.
  10. For confirmation that it's a different issue than the one I was thinking about, may I ask you to try that one: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/7vvgbuji02beh9ugan7if9sbuyq4wopx ?
  11. Hello, Thanks for using AdwCleaner! Can you try this version instead: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/y2u4dfk9kb22jzqkx60pmvthu04qe4yn and let me know if it works? Thanks,
  12. Hello, We're starting 2021 with AdwCleaner 8.0.9 that contains a major new feature and various improvements. Starting from this version, AdwCleaner will no longer force you to reboot every time after cleaning your computer. It will only ask you to reboot if and only if one or more elements require a reboot to be properly quarantined. If this case arises, you will have the choice to wait to reboot immediately or not. We also removed the survey dialog at the end to reduce the number of clicks you have to go through. We might reintroduce it from time to time to hear more from you.
  13. Note: If AdwCleaner doesn't start when you try to launch it, please use this specific build instead and reach out to me in DM. There is an ongoing issue with the packer that impacts very very few users and that we are unable to reproduce internally. Using the unpacked version (link above) appears to solve the issue, but we need your help to find the specific root cause, so please DM me if you're in this case and ready to help! 👍
  14. Hello, For those who have been facing the issue, can you try again with this version: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/dzbqhy5fymjjm3lhnjzzj2xx5a4usp38 ? Thanks,
  15. Thank you for the feedback. If the specific AdwCleaner version I sent was still crashing there it would have helped us to debug as we are unable to reproduce the "crash" internally so far. The good news is that the unpacked version works fine for you, so you have a workaround until we figure out what's going on :) Sorry for the hassle, but you can keep the link above until I come back to you saying the the issue is fixed and that you can resume the use of the regular AdwCleaner. Regards,
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