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  1. Ok, thanks for the details, this helps. I'll get back to you shortly.
  2. Hello, Can you give more details? What do you mean by that: ? What works differently? Thanks,
  3. Hello @CeeBee, How long is the cmd window displayed for you? It should be fairly quick. Thanks,
  4. Hello, We indeed don't support XP any longer. Please update your Windows version, as it's impossible to protect a network-connected Windows XP nowadays.. Best regards,
  5. Hello, We are pleased to announce AdwCleaner 8.0.6, which despite its version number is a major milestone that contains a long-awaited feature: the command-line interface. AdwCleaner CLI allows you to programmatically use AdwCleaner without having to interact with the graphical interface. It makes it easy to integrate it with your workflow and environment, even in a GUI-less remote session! The command line interface is consistent with the GUI version, so comes with two modes: Scan: `/scan` Only do a scan, but do not clean. The only difference with the GUI is that Preinstalled Applications will not be listed and thus not selected for being quarantined - see `/preinstalled` below. Clean: `/clean` Scan and automatically clean all detected elements. This will also automatically reboot the computer afterwards to complete the cleaning process. Help: `/?` Display the CLI usage information. In addition, several options are available: `/eula`: Accept the EULA. This is only needed once per machine. `/noreboot`: Do not automatically reboot after the cleaning process. `/preinstalled`: Include Preinstalled Application in the detections and move them automatically to quarantine during cleaning. Use with care. The location of the log files and quarantine are not changed compared with the GUI. They are usually located in C:\AdwCleaner. This path will be customizable in the next release, so you will be able to choose the logfile location. If no command line arguments are present, then the usual GUI will show up. Usage example: * Scan only: AdwCleaner.exe /eula /scan * Scan, then clean and reboot: AdwCleaner.exe /eula /clean * Scan, then clean but do not reboot: AdwCleaner.exe /eula /clean /noreboot * Use the Graphical interface (same executable): AdwCleaner.exe We hope that this version will help you to make your work easier. We will add more features in the next releases (ability to customize the logfile output, to empty the quarantine, etc..) but we want to hear from your usage and experience with AdwCleaner CLI. As usual, the whole changelog is available below: ## v8.0.6 [01/07/2020] ### New Features * Command line interface to scan and clean without the GUI. More details in the release announcement. ### Bugfixes * Fix reintroduction of DLL loading vulnerability reintroduced in 8.0.5. AdwCleaner (both CLI and GUI) can be downloaded from the usual place: https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  6. Hello! We just released AdwCleaner 8.0.5. This is mostly a maintenance release, focused on modernization for dependencies: ## v8.0.5 [25/05/2020] ### Changes * Update Qt to 5.14.1 * Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1g * Update UPX to 3.96 * Update definitions to 2020.05.13.1 The next release will be focused on actual new (and exciting) features. Stay tuned! As usual, you can download the 8.0.5 from the product page: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  7. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion! Same than the first one, I can't commit on an ETA but I've added it to the backlog. Keep your suggestions going, they're helpful 👍 Regards,
  8. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion! We'll see what we can do in this regard, but not ETA for its implementation unfortunately. Regards,
  9. @hake Can you share any details regarding AdwCleaner's behavior in this case? Is there any error message or anything else? And you're saying that with ASLR disabled AdwCleaner runs fine?
  10. Hello, @hake Thanks! It's an interesting one.. We're looking into why this is happening.
  11. Hello, it's ok now, sorry for the issue.
  12. Hello, We are pleased to release AdwCleaner 8.0.4! This versions is purely focused on maintenance to fix a bug that got reintroduced ( CVE-2020-11507) We updated the test suite to avoid this to happen again. See the full changelog below: ## v8.0.4 [03/04/2020] ### Changes * Update definitions to 2020.04.03.1 ### Bugfixes * Fix reintroduction of DLL loading vulnerability reintroduced in 8.0.3 (CVE-2020-11507) To download AdwCleaner 8.0.4, click here.
  13. Hello, Can you reach me by email and share more details into your requirements? (mailto:jboursier{AT}malwarebytes[dot]com) Thanks,
  14. Hello, As usual, thank you for the feedbacks, be sure they are very well appreciated. At first I wasn't convinced it was a FP since this GUID is related to an existing infection. But looking deeper at the detection rule actually showed that it had a FP effect which is now fixed (updated definitions are already published). Thanks for your help,
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