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  1. Hello, This has been fixed, the CDN cleaning process took a bit longer than usual and we ended up in a "in-between" test. All good now!
  2. Hello, After a long period without receiving public facing updates, I'm very happy to share a new release for AdwCleaner, 8.4.1. This is a maintenance version to fix a security vulnerability and update the bundled definitions. Many of you have questions and are curious regarding what's next for AdwCleaner, and I hope to be able to share more about that soon. Regardless, we should now be back on track to release more regular and valuable updates! Please share your feature requests and any suggestions you would like to see implemented! Thanks to everyone who submits vulnerability reports, we love to receive them! As usual, see the changelog below: ## v8.4.1 [29/01/2024] ### Changes * Update bundled definitions to 2024.01.29.1 ### Bugfixes * Fix Privilege Escalation when deleting debug logfiles (CVE-2023-28892 - https://www.malwarebytes.com/secure/cves/cve-2023-28892) Download here: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  3. Hello @Grunty, Sorry for the delay, I wanted to reply sooner but got sidetracked. There is no "purchase package" for AdwCleaner as of today, however we want AdwCleaner to be useful to everyone, that's why we included the following in the EULA: Does it cover your use-case? Please DM me if not so we can discuss further.
  4. I'm not sure where the issue comes from, I've reverted the latest backend stack update and it seems to be ok (please confirm 🤞) I'll dig deeper before rolling it out again..
  5. Hello, Do you confirm you have issues with this link, or with another one?
  6. Sorry about that. I think I finally identified the issue, and fixed it. Can you retry to confirm?
  7. Hello, We finally released a new version of AdwCleaner, 8.4. It contains quite a few changes over the last version, learn more below! AdwCleaner now scans and remediate malicious modifications of the "new" Microsoft Edge browser. After Firefox, Chromium and variants, it's Edge's turn to be covered. In a more technical aspect, we added the `/uninstall` command line switch and re-implemented the uninstallation logic to make it much more robust (as a reminder, AdwCleaner doesn't exactly install anything, by "uninstallation" we mean removing folders and files that AdwCleaner need to function properly, something that can also be done by hand). We also fixed a security vulnerability with regards to how we used to handle mountpoints and symbolic links. Thanks to everyone who submits vulnerability reports, we love to receive them! As usual, see the changelog below: ## v8.4.0 [22/08/2022] ### New Features * Now also supports Microsoft Edge browser * Improve the uninstallation flow, and add a `/uninstall` command to the CLI. ### Changes * Update bundled definitions to 2022.08.22.1 ### Bugfixes * Fix security issue when dealing with mountpoints and symlinks. * Some deleted items were not displayed in the quarantine * Fix Chrome-based browsers scanning logic Download here: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  8. @TarunThe fix is now live. Let me know if you're still running into issues!
  9. Thanks for the write-up, it's a good finding indeed, it seems I may have overlooked this. I've tested with a new configuration and I will deploy it shortly, you may have to update the code on your end..
  10. Ok, keep me posted! I would focus on IPv6 compatibility with your code maybe, it's my main theory.
  11. So it's working well here. Can you share more context about the code you're using in your tool?
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