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  1. Hello, Yes, this is an unrelated warning which doesn't indicate a problem, simply that there is no content to be used at this time. We're moving this debug line to INFO with a more explicit message in a future release.
  2. Hello, I've deployed my fix yesterday, and it is now available for all users. It improved various things, but also should fix the issue you reported. If you still encounter the same weird behavior and lines in the debug log, can you let me know? Thanks,
  3. Hello @Michael894, I adjusted what was triggering this, it should be better from now on. Thanks for the report,
  4. Thank you very much! I've been working on a fix for the past few days, I hope to be done sometimes later this week. I'll keep in touch.
  5. Hello, @fklstv7Can you confirm you followed the steps from Maurice's link above before using AdwCleaner, including the following:
  6. That's weird. Could you enable the debug mode and run AdwCleaner again? Then when you see the database behavior happening again please send me the entire C:\AdwCleaner folder. Regards,
  7. Hello, Can you expand on that please? Do you mean that sometimes - although your computer has a working network connection - AdwCleaner keeps using the bundled definitions?
  8. Hm thanks, indeed I delisted this element. Thanks for the report!
  9. Hello, This is still abnormal, but I suspect it's related to the network and it has something to do with the definition updates check at the beginning of the scan.. I think that it took a long time to download the latest definitions and that subsequents scans didn't have to do it since they were already up-to-date. In case it happens again in the future, could you try enforcing using the bundled definitions (see there ) and enabling a debug log? Thank you,
  10. Hello, Thank you for the reports! We'll improve the German translation in the next release. Regards,
  11. Hello, This detection should no longer occur with the latest definitions update (If it still does, please make sure nothing blocks the updates). Thanks for the report,
  12. Hello, AdwCleaner 8.2 is now available, with the ability to delete logfiles from the UI :)
  13. Hello, We're glad to release AdwCleaner 8.2 as a major release. This version updates all translations, and reintroduces the Brazilian Portuguese variant that is used by a large number of users. It also adds the ability to delete one or more logfiles directly from the UI, making it easy to keep a tidy history. The changelog is available below: ## v8.2.0 [22/03/2021] ### New Features * Support Brazilian Portuguese translation. * It is now possible to delete logfiles directly from the UI. ### Changes * Update translations. * Update defin
  14. Hello, Sorry for the delay, I saw the posts but I have been somehow blocked from accessing the forums for several days, and the issue is still being worked on. This FP has been fixed and the false detection has been tighten up to no longer trigger in this case. Please let me know if you still face this issue.
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