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I have just had my hands on a couple of Windows laptops (10 and 8.1) after last seeing them on April 7th 2022.  They were still running MBAE and the advanced setting for Automatically upgrade to new versions was set on each machine.  I can verify that MBAE is able to automatically upgrade to new versions.

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It's not 3rd world - MBAE is now a Beta Testing product for the anti-exploit in the main Malwarebytes app.

Beta testing products have glitches - that's the whole point of Beta testing.

For a while one of the glitches in MBAE was that automatic updating stopped working. Reinstall the latest version and it will update automatically again.

The biggest Beta testing you will see these days is the Windows Insider releases; Windows Insider  is not quite ready for general release so has bugs and glitches. (Although TBH so does the general release, but not as many).

You have a Beta on your machine because you're happy to help with the development of an app. If you want something more stable, with less potential issues, then a beta test version of an app is probably not for you.

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On 9/8/2022 at 7:52 PM, nukecad said:

It's not 3rd world

I was referring to the fact that this part of the forum mostly seems dead. There are several topics that have 0 responses, even after years.

There's no support for Brave, etc.


It just strikes me as weird that this is basically an open beta, yet there are very few responses to the feedback.

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