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  1. Any news on this? Brave seems to grow in popularity by the day.
  2. They are naught. At least Brave's executable is named brave.exe.
  3. Greetings! Are there any plans of adding support for Brave (and preferably also Vivaldi) by default?
  4. Also happening for me by clicking the link in this topic
  5. Are there any plans of adding default support for other browsers? Like Brave and Edge-Chromium?
  6. So what kind of protection do we get when we use Chrome or Edge?
  7. Greetings. The Anti-Exploit beta has been offered for free for a long time now, yet on install one is still informed there is a free trial you can opt-in to. Shouldn't that be removed, making it clearer that the beta is entirely free?
  8. Greetings! The creators of Pale Moon have created a new Firefox browser fork called Basilisk. The exact same Shield as for Firefox should work for Basilisk since they are almost identical. The only real difference is that Basilisk has Addon Legacy support. Please add out-of-the-box support for Basilisk. It would mean a lot to me. Yes, I know we can add it manually, but I figured I would request it anyway. https://basilisk-browser.org/
  9. Yup, it's working now. Silly me. Why are the "Buy Now" and "Activate" buttons at the bottom even there at this point? Thanks!
  10. The update was automatic, but I did update Windows 10 mere days before I noticed this issue if that matters?
  11. Okay, here you go! FRST and Addition included! https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/64tG/Supermutant2.zip
  12. https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/xFuP/Supermutant.zip That's my Malwarebytes Programdata folder, do you want the FRST logs too?
  13. I was hoping that wouldn't be necessary.
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