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First of all I love this product and I found it because I downloaded a piece of malware name PcPro Accelerate. I have had no viruses since then to my knowledge until I was searching for wallpaper engine and found an app named Walliant, I did not remember downloading this, so I did what I usually did and searched "Is Walliant a Virus" and the answer was a YES. The part that scared me the most is that neither MalwareBytes or Windows Defender could pick up on it. I'm not a huge tech savvy guy so I uninstalled using control panel and did everything in my power to erase it. I'm pretty sure its gone but there's still a small part of me saying it's not. If there's anything I can do to make sure it's gone then please let me know, but the real reason i'm writing this is to spread awareness about this viscous trojan and hopefully in the future, MalwareBytes can pick up on stuff like this. (Also wrote this cause I have to much free time and I just want to write anything going through my brain, Love you all).

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I repeated your search but got mixed results. The sites that I trust say that as long as you downloaded walliant.exe from the developers site, it's unlikely to be malware, but if you found it elsewhere, it could possibly be. There was even a discussion on a Microsoft site that said indicates did not believe it to be malware and simply gave instructions for disabling it as a startup app. The sites that I know to be mostly untrustworthy will tell you that almost any app is malware, giving you instructions on how to remove it which attempt to get you to download some sketchy application, usually at a cost, to easily remove it. At this point I would think you can trust Malwarebytes and Windows Defender's findings.

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Also I never get it from Walliant themselves, let alone even heard of the app,from my results, even getting it from the website is a virus. I of course did not want to download any third parties to delete it, I am here just to simply spread awareness and how MalwareBytes does not pick up on apps like this.

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Reddit is far from being a reliable site. Media coverage today indicated they are responsible for the current use of Horse deworming medicine in the treatment of COVID19, which simply resulted in many calls to poison control, hospitalization and chance of coma or death.

If you really want to help, upload the app or give us the link to where you downloaded from and post it to the Newest Malware Threats where only experts will have access to it, judge whether it's actually malware or not and add detection if it is. Otherwise I'm afraid your post will not serve the purpose you intend.

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Junk provided by Google.

There are web sites whose sole purpose is to provide misinformation or incomplete information specifically to get the visitor to visit a link where the site receives affiliate or referral payments.  In this case the referral is for the nefarious Enigma SpyHunter.  Such a site is called a shill site.  Shill sites exist not to help you but to get affiliate revenue at your expense.

Walliant is NOT a virus.  A computer virus is a specific kind of malware that self replicates.  That is a computer virus "infects" and is capable of autonomously spreading.  A file infecting virus can prepend, append or cavity inject malicious code into a legitimate file.  Once infected, that file can infect other files.   Another kind of virus are called worms.  These use network protocols (Internet Worms) to spread from computer to computer.  AutoRun Worms use the AutoRun/AutoPlay facility to spread by infecting removable media.  When plugged into a clean PC, that PC will become infected and when a clean removable drive is inserted, it becomes infected and can then further the infection.

The terminology of a computer virus is widely abused.  All viruses are malware but not all malware are viruses.  In fact, Today, computer viruses play an extremely small percentage of the computer malware arena.  Malware is the overarching concept of malicious software, not viruses.  Malware consists of;  Viruses, Trojans and Exploits.  There is a taxonomy of malware so there are sub-types like Internet Worms and AutoRun Worms are sub-types of virus.

There are multiple lessons here.

  • The term virus is widely abused and is not the the overarching concept of malicious software.  It is Malware.
  • There are web sites whose sole purpose is to provide misinformation or incomplete information specifically to get the visitor to visit a link where the originating site receives an affiliate or referral payment.
  • Google is just as likely to provide wrong information as correct information and what is usually listed first in a search, is often because Google is PAID to place it there.  Thus do NOT go by the first results. look through all results as much as possible and choose lower ranked results.
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Edited for content, clarity, spelling and grammar
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