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Dear Sir or Madam,

I have noticed that Malwarebytes detects our software products (described bellow) as malware.

As a software developer I can strongly and sincerely vouch that the files bellow don't contain any malware. I have worked on these products, and know with 100% certainty that they don't contain malware.

Please either whitelist our products or tell us, in detail, why they are considered malware.  We would gladly cooperate with you in order to fix this problem which is damaging to us and to our users (and, by extension, to your users, also).

DriverMax installation kit from https://www.drivermax.com/soft/dmx/drivermax.exe

DriverMax.exe - part of DriverMax mentioned above, false positive detection as PUP.Optional.DriverMax 

 This is incorrect  because:

a. The user agreed to install DriverMax and it wasn’t deployed on the PC without his/hers knowledge

b. You can deactivate it or stop using it at any time you like - and this is not something malware would allow anyone to do

c. DriverMax is also listed in the Add / Remove Programs applet of the PC, allowing anyone to remove it from there as well

d. The user is  informed about the way DriverMax works

An application should be considered "malware" only if it is installed on a user’s PC without their knowledge or with an improper description of it’s real actions.
DriverMax has  been available for a very long time. We have been the first to offer peer to peer driver updates, and massive development time and effort has went into it.
Kind regards,Ane Mari Tache

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