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  1. Hi, I just checked and none of these files is detected by MalwareBytes.
  2. I don't know in which version was this fixed, but latest one doesn't detect these files. I did a query and that signature was removed 5 days ago.
  3. Hi, This was a False Positive that was fixed 13 hours ago.
  4. Hi, This is a correct detection. If you want to continue using it, you can restore from quarantine and add exclusions.
  5. Hi, This will be fixed in the next database update.
  6. You can restore. If you absolutely want to make sure those are not falsely detected again which is very unlikely to happen you can add them to exclusions.
  7. There is some problem with Virustotal that is out of our hands and database is often delayed by several hours or days.
  8. I just rescanned and I couldn't reproduce the detection. Can you please send us the logs?
  9. Hi, This is a legit detection, this extension collects too much information and hence why it is flagged as PrivacyRisk.
  10. This shall be fixed shortly. Thank you for reporting!
  11. Hi, This will be fixed in the next database update. Thank you for reporting!
  12. Hi, Please attach logs in your next reply and someone will assist you.
  13. Hi, This is indeed a False positive and it will be fixed shortly.
  14. Hi, This will be fixed in the next update.
  15. Hi, This will be fixed shortly.
  16. Trojan.SmokeLoader detection was a false positive, you can restore this detection from quarantine C:\PROGRAMDATA\FIREFLY STUDIOS\STRONGHOLD KINGDOMS\\GECKOFX\XULRUNNER33\PLUGIN-HANG-UI.EXE
  17. I couldn't reproduce the detection few minutes ago. You can tell the customer to restore from quarantine and rescan.
  18. Hi, I couldn't reproduce. Can you restore from quarantine and scan again?
  19. Hi, I checked the files from your old reply and they aren't detected.
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