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Mobile Phone Protection

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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I wasn't sure where else to post it.

I posted a note on my Facebook about mobile phone protection a while back, and how mobile phones that have internet connections can be just as vulnerable to malware as computers. (One thing I use my Facebook for is a channel to write about security alerts when I find them out :blink: )

One of my good friends replied and asked what she could do for her phone.

I asked her if she had any security settings on her phone, and she has it on medium, she said if she had it on high she wouldn't be able to do anything.

I've looked at Kaspersky's site and Avira, and both have mobile phone protection, but its for a phone not even near to what she uses.

She has the Sprint Instinct.

Where could I find information about mobile phone protection? Is there anything free like what Avira, AVG, and AVAST has for computers; free protection for phones?

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The operating system that the Samsung Instinct uses is unspecified, and no one lists what operating system it uses. I have a feeling that it's a customized build of Linux using KHTML, WebKit, or Gecko to display web content. There are probably no compatible security applications for that phone.

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@ GT500

Thank you for your reply :)

Hmm that stinks. I'll let her know. She already knows to be very careful though, so hopefully she won't run into any problems. For my future reference, and if I am advising someone else, do you have any recommended reading on mobile phone/ipod safety and/or security programs? Or would I just find that information on AV websites?

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