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Logging out woes

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Something's not right here. I can't log out; been having this trouble on and off all day here. Even when I browse elsewhere and return a couple of hours or so later I'm still (apparently) logged in.

I'm also irritated that a couple of posts I made earlier today and uploaded (or so I thought) haven't appeared where they should have.

Anybody else having these problems of late? :)

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Hi Marcus! You can't Log Out as a user? Any trouble shutting Down, Or a re-start. A re-start/re-boot may fix the issue. Can you expand on you not being able to Log Out Please. No issues with the uploading of the board at my end... regards..

EDIT: Logging out of the Forum, I just logged out & back in...

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Just managed to log out and back in again a few moments ago without a problem. That's the first time today. Don't know why. Anyway it appears to be working (at least for now).

Could be down to something as simple as temp internet cache clearance - which I've just done.

Thank you for your concern, fellas (Not a tongue-in-cheek comment - that is meant).

I don't like the idea of being logged in continuously; I don't allow that on any site including this one. An extra security risk, howeverv small, I would've thought.

Time now to make some hot, strong and black filter coffee - that'll lighten my mood and replace :) with :)

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Now that's a bonus; one of my posts that I'd said earlier had done a disappearing act has re-appeared where it was originally posted; and swagger had replied (bless him!). I just couldn't see it. :)

Coffee (Sainsbury's premium) is tasting good right now

God bless (in this order): MalwareBytes. Vista Business edition, my daughter, money, my wife and Microsoft.

May he curse (in no particular order): Gordon Brown. tv licence inspectors (UK version), jobsworths and the bloody cat! It don't wanna go out. I'm gonna have to give it a good kicking. :)

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There were times when I have seen after a post I made or someone else's post a [appx: 20 second] delay before it hits the forum. plus or mins several seconds. You also have to watch out if you post in the "wrong" area, so to say, a moderator may move it to another forum! ie: someone who posts a F/P in the General Chat, its moved to the F/P forum... regards.. enjoy the coffee! :)

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