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  1. Just read this thread. That's good news. I have 3 android devices (thankfully, all assigned to the same Google Play account).
  2. Ugh; ok, I'll do a clean and re-install. It will be a few days. before I'm able to do it.
  3. Thanks, I wanted to get some advice before I dove into clean install land. On reflection, the effort (time) to create the requested scans probably isn't much different than a clean and install. I'll wait and see what the pros have to say. Looking around the forum for my issue, I've learned that they've made changes to the way mbamtray.exe is handled. My guess is that there is an issue. Please let me know how things go if this topic is still open in a few days.
  4. I've noticed since installing mbam 3.22 that mbamtray.exe doesn't start if I login to an account (both limited user and admin) quickly after the login screen comes up from computer turn on. If I wait several seconds, mbamtray.exe starts as expected (sorry I haven't done any testing to determine how long I have to wait). Mbam itself and all the protections seems always start and run fine. I can turn on mbamtray.exe by going to the malwarebytes program file and clicking open on mbamtray.exe or a Sign Out and re-login to the account opens it too. The logs I've provided show mbamtray.exe as running. I can provide the same logs with it not running if needed. We have 2 computers that were ordered together and as far as I know are mechanically identical. They are configured very similarly. Both exibit the described behavior. Please advise. mb-check-results.zip
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