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  1. Magically, I did get a response from Customer Support about 2 hours ago with 3 new replacement lifetime license numbers. I was able to activate 2 of the licenses on the 2 windows 10 computers that I have Malwarebytes installed on; so, my issues are resolved for now. Assuming Malwarebytes and Cleverbridge haven't been hacked at some point, I think the most likely point of license compromise is from the Yahoo email hacks a few years back as that was where my confirming email receipt of the 3 licenses along with all the license information has been stored since 2008 along with the attached to the email pdf Cleverbridge receipt. Thanks to everyone involved even it was just that I coincidentally came to the top of the customer service list. I am still curious why I couldn't get support chat to work. I'm fine with closing this topic.
  2. Ron, please take a look at this. It's been 5 days total (3 week days). What's the issue with support chat?
  3. I submitted support ticket 2706050 a little after mid-day 09/07/2019 after I discovered that 2 of the lifetime licenses that I purchased in December 2008 and that are registered in my.malwarebytes.com were blacklisted. I have a third lifetime license that I purchased at the same time that I haven't been using (it's also registered in my my.malwarebytes.com) that was not blacklisted, and I was able to re-activate one of my Malwarebytes installations. The third license did show evidence of third party activity. This morning all 3 licenses are blacklisted. I've only received the automated response from Malwarebytes support. I've tried to use the chat feature several times in the last 3 days only to get the Chat offline page. I thought my.malwarebytes.com registration was supposed to fix these issues. If needed I do have the original receipt and the license info with the Cleverbridge number from a screen shot of the original Malwarebytes purchase response. I'm not impressed. Please help.
  4. I've noticed since installing mbam 3.22 that mbamtray.exe doesn't start if I login to an account (both limited user and admin) quickly after the login screen comes up from computer turn on. If I wait several seconds, mbamtray.exe starts as expected (sorry I haven't done any testing to determine how long I have to wait). Mbam itself and all the protections seems always start and run fine. I can turn on mbamtray.exe by going to the malwarebytes program file and clicking open on mbamtray.exe or a Sign Out and re-login to the account opens it too. The logs I've provided show mbamtray.exe as running. I can provide the same logs with it not running if needed. We have 2 computers that were ordered together and as far as I know are mechanically identical. They are configured very similarly. Both exibit the described behavior. Please advise. mb-check-results.zip
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