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Phone Suddenly Went to Black Screen, then to Lock Screen Playing Ringtone

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I was doing my usual business on my phone when all of a sudden out of nowhere it makes me leave my keyboard. This happens occasionally as it sometimes needs to refresh since it's the google version, so I didn't think much of it. After that though it suddenly cut to a blank, black screen, followed by it playing what seems to be the full default ringtone, then quickly kicking me back to the lock screen. I have no idea what just happened but I'm confused and worried. I did a scan with the scanner, full scan, nothing showed up. Same amount of files as the last from hours ago, and the same amount of apps. Then when I checked recent apps something looks out of place. Google's package installer apparently was used the exact same moment it happened YouTube behind it, and a Wifi manager that's hard set into the phone preinstalled that I can't remove just after it, even though I disabled it as best as possible (I use data because of this. Is it possible that I somehow got something while having YouTube open in the background, as malicious ads are everywhere on the site and app nowadays, or the preinstalled wifi manager software got compromised? Or am I just chasing horses instead of Zebras?

Some things to note:
- The phone is a tad bit outdated. There hasn't been a software update in over a year for it. Even using the search in settings crashes it at this point.
-I always keep my phone's cache cleared, and keep most apps (mainly big ones like games) on an SD card so I have the best performance possible. Bit tedious to keep moving them back when they have an update, though.
-This is the first time this has ever happened to me with any phone, so this is a brand new issue.

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