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  1. Thanks for the response... I downloaded the app and there's no malware found... Hmmm it started when this YouTube recently asking for update... But I didn't take the update cause I don't feel like I needed to.. Then while I'm watching a video on it.. Usually I watching on multi window so that I can continue doing faucets on chrome... Then suddenly YouTube starts to pop up a not responding message but I tap wait because it doesn't really unresponsive at all... Then it started my phone to be blank black screen... I thought the power button is broken or something I accidentally press but it's not... But I think Chrome has the problem I just recently updated it too... I still having it without YouTube... I already disable most of my android apps for making sure it's not the Ram.. But Maybe I just needed to throw this phone... 😂
  2. I'm having same issue.. I just tried to search if someone has it too... Please help....
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