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  1. ElectroTheDevolian


    Did that include the registry keys as well?
  2. ElectroTheDevolian


    I just got on my computer today and did my daily startup scan, only to be greeted with pid.dll and its registry keys counted as an emotet trojan. I haven't been on any strange sites, and others are also having this issue, so it's safe to conclude that this may just be a false positive. I have successfully quarantined it by simply rebooting (although the computer didn't like it that much). It did come back after each scan like the emotet trojan, but that could just be because of how system files work sometimes.pid.dll False Positive.txt
  3. ElectroTheDevolian

    Mutilple Threats detected Please Help!

    A lot of people, and I mean a lot of people are having this same issue right now. We're starting to think it's a false positive.
  4. ElectroTheDevolian

    Not sure if a false positive pid.dll

    Update: pid.dll is now missing from the computer due to an attempted reboot (needless to say the computer froze because it didn't like that). It hasn't come back yet like it did the last 4 times before the reboot, so I still have a copy in quarantine thanks to that in case I need to put it back.
  5. ElectroTheDevolian

    Not sure if a false positive pid.dll

    Hey, same thing as well. Really hoping it's a false postitive because I have no idea where I got this from. At first I thought it was from one of my family getting on something they shouldn't have, but seeing other people have the issue relieves me a little I would like to add however that it only picks it up as a threat if you're connected to a network. At least that's what it seems like. Trying some things to test it, such as using certain software and, will see if that sets it off. All I had open at the time was Steam, Discord, and my Firefox browser.
  6. I prefer to use Chrome, but I may switch to Firefox in a few months. With this temp fix of blocking cookies, the problem seems to be resolved.
  7. I did the steps in the topic, and it seems to still be happening. I'm starting to think it's a site issue rather than an infection. I even did a full scan this time just to make sure.
  8. @AdvancedSetup Update: I found a temporary workaround with the site domain. As long as I block the site's cookies entirely, it doesn't pull a redirect. It's back in working order, but I know the problem is still there if I allow cookies again. I did manage to find the redirect URL that it gives me every time I enter the site with cookies on, as listed here: warframe.wikia.com/g00/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki?i10c.encReferrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8%3D&i10c.ua=1 Be reminded this redirect happens with every wikia site, so I'd like to figure out how to block the site domain from creating cookies entirely if possible. My guess is that this redirect leads to a faux site, which would explain why the cookies domains are much different. Hopefully someone can figure out why this was happening to me and a few select people. It definitely seems to only happen on Chrome, as Firefox and Edge seemed to be safe from the redirect. I'll get back to you if any other problems persist with this.
  9. I just tried this, and it's still happening on that site domain (Google Chrome). Is there anything else I could possibly do?
  10. @AdvancedSetup Nothing infected seems to be showing up in all 3 of these, but I did talk to a few friends about my current situation. Some didn't have the strange occurance on the site, and some did. I'm honestly not sure what's going on. We all tested it with the same preferences (Ublock Origin in Incognito with antivirus active.) Update: I'm looking through the site's cookies and local in the preferences listed above, and it's a complete mess. It seems to be corrupted for most official cookies, while the strange ones are long lines of numbers and letters. Threat Scan.txtFRST.txtAdwCleaner[C1].txtAddition.txt
  11. I also have a list of a few of the cookies used on the site, if needed.
  12. So ever since this afternoon I went onto one of my usual wikias for a game, when out of nowhere it started acting strange. It hasn't done this until today, and that's including yesterday when I last used it. It's using an excessive amount of cookies, and the domains in my Ublock aren't looking like they normally are. It even redirected from the original wikia, to a strange URL, back to the wiki. I have no idea what happened, and I don't know if it's because of the site or suspected adware. What makes this even more confusing is that it doesn't seem to be happening to everyone. Neither Malwarebytes not ADWcleaner is picking it up, so I think it's a site issue. I honestly don't know what to do in a situation like this, because it's only the sites that are "Powered by Wikia." Do I have Adware, or is this something happening to the sites themselves?
  13. ElectroTheDevolian

    MBAM Premium 3.3.1 Blocking

    I had one showing up for Steam out of all things, and this one actually screwed up a lot of game connections. Glad the database is updated to fix this false positive, but I'm starting to wonder how it happened in the first place.

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