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  1. So I noticed through my dashboard that I was in something called Google Groups a year back, and quickly noticed that, while I never agreed to using it, it's on my account regardless. Even worse is that I noticed that I was already in 3 groups that I never asked to be in. Apparently the settings default to letting literally anyone add you to them without your permission (because that logic is pure genius coming from Google's privacy standards). Can't opt out of it either, which is just great. I'm pretty sure that one of the default settings is letting anyone see your email when you're in a grou
  2. I also put this in the wrong topic, sorry about that. Thought this was the help and support topic for Android.
  3. Also: Forgot to mention that there was no call logs or text logs pertaining to the situation, so it doesn't seem like anyone tried to.
  4. I was doing my usual business on my phone when all of a sudden out of nowhere it makes me leave my keyboard. This happens occasionally as it sometimes needs to refresh since it's the google version, so I didn't think much of it. After that though it suddenly cut to a blank, black screen, followed by it playing what seems to be the full default ringtone, then quickly kicking me back to the lock screen. I have no idea what just happened but I'm confused and worried. I did a scan with the scanner, full scan, nothing showed up. Same amount of files as the last from hours ago, and the same amount o
  5. I managed to fix it. For some reason it bugged when it came to Play Protect. A quick restart of the device, turning Play Protect off, and turning it back on via the security audit fixed the issue. Probably a bug on Google's end. Thanks anyway.
  6. So when I went to go check the Security Audit for Malwarebytes on Android, it said that my Google Play Protect was off. I also decided to check my Security checkup just to be sure, and surprisingly it says Play Protect is off as well. It seems to be on and fully functioning however, so I'm not sure what the deal is. I did recently disable a decent amount of apps, but the issue has never shown up until I uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes due to it bugging out from the newest update. Is Malwarebytes disabling Play Protect, or did the newest Play Store update break Play Protect again? Also
  7. Also have to bring this one up again since it's affecting me pretty hard: [K] Sadly it's not a healthy amount of paranoia, as it has been affecting my health in pretty negative ways like restlessness. It does slightly affect my thinking when it comes to safe hex. What I do not know I want to learn, as it will help me calm down. Where should I go to learn about safety, security, and possible malware / virus research? That way, I know what I am doing. @David H. Lipman
  8. A family member in the household is prone to using a tablet for excessive games and apps to play on, and no one seems to know how parental controls work. Basically it's prone to being slow, drains battery excessively fast, and tends to let a lot of permissions through on a personal account (not mine). However, what takes the cake is that the sites being allowed can be straight up ridiculous in names. I've seen some in the logs that are literally just letters. No URL, letters. It looks like someone smashed their hands on a keyboard and pressed enter. Obviously there's no way this is normal
  9. [A] Some (if not most) Windows apps seem to be hardwired into the system, such as Cortana and the Windows Store. Some used to be possible to disable, but a lot of them force you to have them on, and sometimes even revert settings in new updates (I've caught app recommendations turning back on after an update numerous times). Would it be a good idea to disable them via regedit or CMD?
  10. @David H. Lipman I understand that this may have been too much to put in one topic, and I'll try my best to seperate everything next time. However, I am having a bit of confusion when it comes to following specific answers: [A] When you disable or remove certain Windows apps and services, they tend to come back in the newest update. What's a good way to prevent this from happening? What is safe hex? [G] What is a good email client to use? Also what settings should I be using to prevent security issues? [H] I'm getting mixed messages on this one online. When it comes to IC
  11. If you want, you can delete this post. I can just redo the listing later and post it again.
  12. Well, the listing was supposed to work. Sorry about this. Something obviously bugged.
  13. I couldn't think of any other good way of talking about this without flooding the forum in a bunch of different topics, so I decided the best option was to put this here. Due to how many questions actually turned up in the end, I have decided to organize them so they're easier to answer. Feel free to use said organization. (Ex: A1 or A-1) So obviously I've been on the forums a lot lately, and the reason why is that I've kind of been having an episode when it comes to the security of me and the family. They think I'm crazy for wanting to be so safe, but knowing what's been going on th
  14. So recently I got a spam email saying the whole "Here's [insert old password here] I was not payed to do so I know who you are blah blah" and it did spook me for a second, but after I realized I changed all my major accounts' passwords a few days ago in a recent panic attack along with all the others that have been changed prior, I laughed it off and deleted it. Strangely enough it showed up in my spam not too long after I checked the Wallpaper forum (first and last page only, apparently it's unsecure.) and Haveibeenpwned to see if my email was pwned. Not a big surprise it was, otherwise
  15. Here's the ADWcleaner and SophosAV logs: SophosVirusRemovalTool.log AdwCleaner[S01].txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt Also probably going to add the Malwarebytes extension to Firefox just to be safe.
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