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Can't open download folder of malware bytes

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Hi there

Every time I open the malwarebytes download the system proceeds to scan it, but I keep getting this error message:

“Malwarebytes-Mac-” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

If anyone has advice it would be much appreciated. I've tried downloading several times with no success.


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  • Staff

The Malwarebytes installer is cryptographically signed, so that any changes to the file mean that macOS will refuse to open it. This means that anything that corrupts the file in some way will cause such an error message.

The download on the website is not corrupt, as thousands of people download and install it every day. Just to be sure, I downloaded it just now and it worked fine.

What is probably happening is one of three things:

1) Your network connection is unreliable and has introduced some kind of corruption in the file.

2) Your hard drive is damaged or failing and is causing corruption of the file.

3) For some reason, when you are trying to open the file, it is still not completely finished downloading or being written to disk.

#3 is easy to fix, just make sure to wait a minute after the browser appears to be done downloading, to make sure it has finished writing the file. #1 is also easy to diagnose, by trying to download while connected to a different network. #2 is a likely scenario, but can be difficult to diagnose and fix, especially if the disk is physically failing.

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Hi Thomas

Thanks for the quick and informative response.

I'm afraid #2 is probably the culprit. My macbook is a 2009 model and I've needed to format it more than once recently when it wasn't running optimally.

I will try diagnose whether it's #1 when I have another connection available. I have cancelled out #3

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