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Google Chrome (Themes) does it have viruses? need some help :/


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Hey there, just an short question does Google chrome Themes from the official Chrme Store (For Desktop) can have Viruses inside them? or does Google always scan the themes that People have created and uploaded, is it even possible to get virus from Themes from the Google store :/ bc i want a good Black theme for my Chrome browser but i cant finy any good one, and im scared that i get a virus from themes :( hope somebody can help me out

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Greetings and welcome :)

While there's no way to be 100% positive, Google does check all the themes, plugins, apps and other items hosted on their web store which does greatly reduce the risk.  Additionally, while I'm no expert on Google Chrome themes, I sincerely doubt there are very many ways to infect a browser via a theme (the only way I can think of that *might* be possible, though it's still highly doubtful would be for themes that change your homepage/new tab page as they can host live content, and if that live content comes from somewhere malicious or simply displays ads (i.e. adware, not really any sort of dangerous malware), then that could be a risk factor).

So personally, I wouldn't be too worried about it and I'd go ahead and track down a nice, sharp looking black theme for my browser if I were you :)

Besides, if anything does go wrong and you have any signs of infection or any other problems, you may always return here to the Malwarebytes forums for expert assistance with your system, including cleaning it of any viruses/malware for free (even if you aren't a paid Malwarebytes subscription holder).

I hope that helps, and please let us know if there's anything else we might assist you with.

Thanks :) 

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Theoretically they could, though I've never personally seen one that actually did.  The closest I've ever seen was an add-on to change the new tab page to show news, weather etc. that included some sponsored/ad type content (though nothing overtly malicious).  I'm not talking about obnoxious adware that displays constant pop-ups trying to get you to buy something, just ads that were embedded in the tab when the add-on was active which could just as easily be ignored (though personally I'd rather not see any ads anywhere, but I'm kinda picky like that ;) ).

I doubt you'll find anything malicious in any theme you choose from Google's store, but you can read the reviews of it to make sure because usually if something contains anything undesirable, at least some users who have installed it will mention it.

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