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XP Locking UP

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Running Windows XP Service Pack 3. As soon as Malwarebytes 3 loads it completely locks up computer. Chrome, IExplorer, Outlook will not startup. By disabling Malwarebytes  in safe mode is was able to run Farbar, logs attached. MB check will not run. Throws error that it has unexpectedly stopped. Malwarebytes 3.3.1

FRST_10-11-2017 12.01.12.txt

Addition_10-11-2017 12.01.12.txt

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Hello @Coolbreeze767

Can you please try this :

1. Download MB-Clean tool from : https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean

2. Run the tool to clean up your existing product. Tool will ask for a reboot.

3. Reboot your machine. MB-Clean will then ask you to re-install MB 3.x 

4. Click on "No" to reinstall.

5. Once your system is clean please download stand alone MBAE 1.11 from  https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/2ym51hv7uytqa16tjxbzyqkabegmis25

6. Once you install MBAE 1.11 please check if you  see the same issue with Office and browsers.

Please let us know.

Thank you.

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6 hours ago, Coolbreeze767 said:

Update: After cleaning, reinstalling and making many test runs I can only run  Malwarebytes 3.3.1 with the Exploit Protection and self protection disabled. Any thoughts on how to get these modules running?

Same for me, although I have (accidentally?) got to the point where I can leave self protection on, but can only run with A-E off.

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Hello @Coolbreeze767

Were you able to install and run the Standalone Anti Exploit 1.11 from the Box link I sent you or did you install MB 3.3.1

If you have 3.3.1 running, can you please uninstall MB 3.3.1 and install MBAE 1.11 from the following link:


 Once you install MBAE 1.11 please check if you  see the same issue with Office and browsers.

Please let us know.

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Hello @Coolbreeze767

Thank you for helping isolate the faulting module to AE. Now that you said you were able to reproduce the issue with standalone MBAE 1.11 too can you please help us get the debug logs so we can track it down and have it fixed.

Can you please follow the following steps for the debug logs:

First Uninstall MB 3.3.1 and install the stand alone MBAE version 1.11 again from the box link. Once you do that: 

Download the debug files from this location:



1- Stop Malwarebytes anti-exploit Service
2- Unzip the debug files into the desktop and then copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
3- Start Malwarebytes anti-exploit Service
4- Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit\MBAE.EXE
5- Replicate the problem
6- Create a zip of C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and any files in C:\ProgramData\MBAE_minidumps\ and send it to us.

Appreciate your help in getting us the Debug logs.

Thank you.

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Hello @Coolbreeze767

The latest MB 3.3.1 does not have MBAE 1.11 component built inside but rather 1.10.

We plan to integrate the latest MBAE build into the next CU for MB 3.x

What I would recommend now is :

1. Uninstall MBAE 1.11

2. Install the latest MB 3.3.1 from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3

3. Activate it with your license.

4. For the time being leave AE on but go to Settings/Protection/"Manage protected applications"

5. Turn off the protection for only the specific application which was giving you problems like Chrome.

That would probably be the best workaround for now instead of turning off the AE completely which would leave you vulnerable to exploits.

Thank you.


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