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Rootkit? Trojan wisdomeyes?

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Hello guys.

I've been posting in another forum but I would like to have a second opinion about it.

Autoruns detect this file as a trojan. Check it out.


What should I do? It doesn't get detected by any antivirus or malwarebytes so I don't know...

PD: I'm on a windows 10 64 bits clean install.

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  • Root Admin

1 out of 61 - that would seem to be a false positive

That is a legitimate file on Windows.


Seems like SIH is for "Silent Install Helper". It starts background installation of Windows updates, as planned in advanced update options.

I would not do anything with it. Ignore the detection.


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Hello thank you for replying.

Thats what I thought at first however I noticed the pups installed unto my system making my surfing really slugish, chaotic and dangerous I would say.

It is really hard to search something when you have all the search results filled with advertisements.

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I'm not saying your computer is or is not infected. You asked about a single file and that file is safe. If you're having issues with a browser then I'd recommend you reset them.


Please visit each of the following sites and let's reset all of your browsers back to defaults to prevent unexpected issues.
If you are not using one of the browsers but it is installed then you may want to consider uninstalling it as older versions of some software can pose an increase in the potential for an infection to get in.

Internet Explorer
How to reset Internet Explorer settings

Microsoft Edge
How to Reset Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Click on Help / Troubleshooting Information then click on the Refresh Firefox button.

Reset Chrome back to defaults to completely clear out issues with Chrome.

  • First, go to >> Google Sync << and sign into your account. Make sure you know your password as this will clear it from the browser.
  • Scroll down until you see the  reset_chrome_sync.png "reset sync" button to clear your data from the server and remove your passphrase.
  • Now, close all Chrome windows. Chrome cannot be running for the next step. If needed, print this information or use another browser to read the information.
  • Press the Windows key + R at the same time, to bring up the run dialog box.
    • run_command.png
  • Type in (or copy/paste) the following and press Enter:     %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
  1. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files and folders.
  2. Hold down Ctrl + A and click once on the files "Bookmarks" and "Bookmarks.bak". This will unselect them.
  3. With all the files selected (except for your Bookmarks), press the Delete key and click Yes to delete the files and folders.
  4. Example of all files and folders selected, except Bookmarks



Restart your computer now and make sure there are no longer any redirects or other browser issues. 






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Hello thank you for your professional advices. And sorry I'm young and unexpert. so please be patient.

I did everything you said but these ads in my search results are still there. The ads I'm seeing come from ask toolbar and search.com and there is another one that I don't know what is.

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