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Exclusions not working properly?

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Hey All,

We've recently configured and deployed Malwarebytes using the installer package we created from the Policy in the Malwarebytes Management Console. However, for some reason, the exclusions don't seem to be working properly. We have several GPO's in place and we are trying to avoid these policies to be shown in our logs as PUM false positives.

We found the following article:


Applied the corresponding exclusions in the Management Console, however, as you can see in the screenshot below this is still not working


Does anyone have any insight on how can we correct this? 


Luis Chavez


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As a short term solution you might consider disabling PUM detections for the time being until you get the exclusions issue sorted out.  PUM detections (Potentially Unwanted Modifications) really only apply to system settings modifications which are sometimes altered by malware, however as long as your environment is sufficiently protected there is very little likelihood of any threats getting in and therefore being able to compromise any of the settings on your endpoints.  The option that controls PUM detections should be under Protection and includes a drop-down menu where you can configure your Malwarebytes deployments not to detect them.

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By the way, if the primary issue is with Malwarebytes detecting and removing/changing these during scheduled scans you might consider configuring PUMs to "Warn user" instead of "Ignore" that way you'll still see all PUM detections in your logs and may review them should you have the need/in case some PUM you desire to be detected is found, that way you'll be aware of it and may address it.  When set to warn Malwarebytes will simply detect the items and list them in the scan logs but will not change or remove them and will list the action taken as "No action by user".

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I'm not aware of any known issues, however it is possible so I've contacted a member of our business product support team to review your case.  He should be able to offer additional insight and assistance.  In the meantime, did changing the setting for PUM detections work or did it continue to find and change/remove the excluded items/entries?

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11 hours ago, Luis_Chavez said:

We haven't disabled PUM detections because we want to ensure that if Malwarebytes detects a PUM that was not set by a GPO we are aware of it. That's the main reason why we added the GPO settings or registry fixes we have implemented as part of the exclusions list, unfortunately, they still show up :(

Right, but you can set it to "Warn User" that way it still detects them/shows them in your logs but doesn't actually remove/change them, at least for the time being while you're working this issue out.  Obviously it means you'll have to review the logs with all those detections until the issue is corrected, but at least if anything else is changed that shouldn't be, you'll be made aware of it.

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@djacobson The main registry keys showing up in the logs are the following:




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