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Win7 IDE controller in other folder in device manager


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I assume windows can't identify this piece of hardware. This device has a different name with every boot up. My sata cdrom doesn't work and I assumed it failed. I would be happy if this was the cause. Anyhow, just how do I go about getting a diver for this. I have told it to update the driver and allowed it to search on the internet and it can't find a driver. Motherboard is a Gigabyte G41M-Es2L and I'm running Win7 64bit. This is an old home build and at one time, the drivers were all proper. IDE.thumb.png.fd95ee4b5bb42a181d5db2b4be2dd30f.png


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I downloaded the chipset drivers and it didn't fix the problem. I even tried to update the driver by pointing it to the folder. It's been so long since I built it that I can't remember for sure, but I think all the drives are sata. I thought maybe I would unplug all devices except boot drive and see if the device disappears, then add devices one at a time until it returns. Is my thinking correct that this might determine what it is?

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I was passed along some info that may help you identify the hardware so you can then obtain the driver you need. (Thanks @David H. Lipman)

There is a utility called PCI-Z that is good for identifying unknown hardware to obtain drivers.   With it one can export information or copy to the clipboard to then use the information to obtain associated hardware driver.


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