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Ransomware, Hiddentear. False Positive?


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An threat scan turned up an infection of Ransom.HiddenTear.E.Generic at the following location:


Does this sound like a false positive, or is it a genuine malware detection? It sounds fairly serious if accurate.  It has been successfully quarantined, however.


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I got the exact same scan result this morning, too. I've quarantined it (which I assume means it's been deleted?). Never had anything like that come up before, so would appreciate reassurance that it's a genuine threat I've deleted and not some useful thing that was a false positive and I was supposed to ignore!

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Just now, GarethD said:

Thanks guys - I've already deleted it after quarantine - won't make a difference will it?

Bit more reassured now after a morning of running scans - roguekiller, adwcleaner etc!!


Hi Gareth, no, it won't really break anything. It just won't check if there are updates for Winzip every Windows startup. Most people have this disabled anyway.

Alternatively, if Tom997 or ohsuzieqgm can zip and attach the UPDATE NOTIFIER.LNK to this thread, you can put it back in this folder: C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\START MENU\PROGRAMS\STARTUP

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10 minutes ago, Stanleycat said:

I got this same threat alert.  The target via the Properties window is "C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZUpdateNotifier.exe".  This file is an executable for WinZip.  It was last modified on 8/27/2016 at 6:37 AM PT.  Is this a legitimate alert?


This has been a false positive and has been fixed in our database already that just went out.

MB2: v2017.03.29.04

MB3: Package build 1.0.1621

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