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  1. An threat scan turned up an infection of Ransom.HiddenTear.E.Generic at the following location: C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\START MENU\PROGRAMS\STARTUP\UPDATE NOTIFIER.LNK Does this sound like a false positive, or is it a genuine malware detection? It sounds fairly serious if accurate. It has been successfully quarantined, however. Thanks
  2. This morning malware bytes blocked 4 outbound attacks (for lack of a better term), all with the same time stamp. The site referenced is click.watchjmp.com, It was coming from firefox.exe. I'm unable to find much of any information about this site. I was on msn.com reading an article, and had a flickr site open, and one other normal, non-suspicious webpage. Has anyone had a similar incident? I'm not sure what to make of the fact that this was an outbound attack....
  3. Just checked and MBAM is not on the system tray, but just at this moment accessed it via the start menu and all drives were there..... weird.
  4. Issue seemed to be fixed, but came back. Also on startup am getting this error message involving MBAM
  5. Other programs including My computer, and Norton Antivirus recognized the drives. As far as the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, I'm a little leery of downloading programs that come from obscure sources without much background info. I did perform the malwarebytes check and tested it (see attached). However, after uninstalling and reinstalling malwayre bytes, I can start it up from the system tray and all the drives are now recognized. CheckResults.txt
  6. Hi, I am unable to scan external and all internal drives, as they have disappeared from the dialogue for the Custom Scan. I see only C:, an SSD (D:), and the CD-Rom drive (E:). Why would they have disappeared and how do I get them back to scan them? Also, recently I was unable to start Malware bytes from the system tray, and had to use the start menu. Double clicking on the tray icon did nothing. It now seems to be working in that respect again, however.
  7. I got in touch with sement.io and received a quick and helpful response, which I'll paste below. I responded letting them know I was using Malware Bytes: "So sorry about that. http://api.segment.io is the URL our customers use to send us their analytics data, which we then route off for them to all their 3rd party analytics tools. Lots of companies, sites, and apps use Segment, so that's why you may have stumbled across that error multiple times around the internet. We are indeed safe. We recently switched our IP address, and it looks like we were provided one that had previously been flagged as Malware, causing us to be put on the "unsafe" list by some anti-virus providers. To use a terrible metaphor, it's kind of like if you got a new phone number that previously belonged to a criminal, and you were placed on the no-fly list because of it. Are you using Avast? We confirmed with them last night that they've cleared and whitelisted the domain. If you're using another it would be really helpful to us if you told us which so that we can reach out to them and have us whitelisted as well. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry again for the trouble."
  8. For the last week or so, I've had many instances daily of an outgoing malware, blocked by MBP. It is always the same message, which I've attached a screen shot of below: "malicious website blocked. api.segment.io". A google search shows that segment.io is a safe website, according to Norton and deals with website customer analytics. Is MBP producing a false positive here, or could the message be due to a cookie from a website that's being used to track my behavior? Thank you.
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