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MS Access Database problems after update

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Windows 10, access 2007 

All of a sudden my MS access database start behaving strangely, I have the Data "Back End" on a networked PC.

For years never a problem, I could access it from a different PC on the same network but as of last Saturday it would crash & corrupt the data trying to access it.

Very specific set of circumstances so never dreamt it would be AV. Would only crash if the database Front End was running on the Main PC also. If that was closed I could access the data fine. I am only noting this as may be of interest to others.

There had also be dozens of Windows & Office upgrades shortly before so just assumed an Office issue or perhaps windows.

Spent 3 days trying everything, even bought a full suite of new Office365 thinking just upgrade but to my horror is still failed.

Windows 10 not a great help as the restore does not seem to be able to retain those too far back, I did try & it failed for some reason. Fortunately,  I just remembered seeing Malwarebytes update on the restore list.

Anyway as a last resort & desperate I uninstalled Malwarebytes (I am guessing New V.3 it installed on the 18th March 17)

Now all fine. To be fair only a few hours testing but it usually failed within a few seconds, perhaps a minute or two on rare occassions.

If this is the case I am really not happy, wasted 2 days & buying new office that I did not really want and the work involved upgrading 3 PC and databases (programming etc)


This follows the other day when there were continuous warning from MWB of outgoing threats. They did fix that quick but was quite alarming at the time.

Not looking for a solution, forever un-installed & subscription to be cancelled, but just noting in case someone has similar issue as I would never have guessed the way it was & would not want anyone to waste the time I have.






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Still doing it several months on,

I had reverted back to 2.1 & thought by now ironed out any issues

Let it upgrade to 3.0 and immediately started messing my Ms Access database.

I guess this is not very common, little surprised though as standard practice to have database BE on networked PC.

Anyway completely uninstalled MAB now as can't stand persistent upgrade requests and not going back to 2.0 & certainly not going to spend any more time investigating.


Will have to cancel subscription.


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I want to share something regarding this ms access database issues after upgrading. Well I have caught into this issue when switched with the Microsoft Access 2013 KB2956176 update. At that time I have also suffered a lot with this.  But at last I got some helpful solution when searched lot for the solution in several sites.

 You can also check the solution, may be you find something useful for you too:

Lastly I want to conclude that do manual download and installation of any update from the official Microsoft download center.

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