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Series of Blocked Websites


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I started getting this same blocked notification this morning (same IP address as initially posted by ceballard via chrome.exe outbound).

I was running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware-Premium

I just ( Mar 2, 2017, @ 8:30am Central) updated to Malwarebytes Premium 3.06.1469 and I'm still getting the same blocked message.

I just rebooted and now not only am I getting the same outbound chrome.exe (same IP) message, I'm also getting a blocked message from svchost.exe & dashost.exe

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version add on 3.06..
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2 minutes ago, Fishboat said:

Installed the Update package 1.0.1404 (on version and the popup warning have stopped..so far..I was getting them almost continuously 5-10 minutes ago.

whew..I'll take something simple like this over the real-deal anytime..thx MB

Where did you find 1404?

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