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Scheduled Scan Entry Ignored, No Scan Run

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Again, this may have been discussed, so this could be a duplicate: I set the scan schedule, the setting gets deselected, the scan does not run when scheduled, and the scan seems to take place at a time that is not really scheduled, despite what is shown on the Dashboard. Furthermore, the time shown on the Dashboard has a tendency to change frequently..

For example, I reselected my desired scan time perhaps ten minutes ago; it is no longer selected. At least a scan is running, but it is doing so more than four hours later than I set it to run.

Yet another bug,, known in Middle Irish as bocanách, "supernatural being."

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I'm having a similar problem with Mbam not running on time or within an hour of the scheduled time even though the computer was left on for several hours after the scheduled time had elapsed.

I've just checked the MBAMSERVICE.log and ran a search using the following string: Starting a Threat scan, clientID = ScanScheduler

The entries that turned up (after installing 3.0.5) were dated respectively 12/19/2016 at 17:37:21.446 and 12/22/2016 at 17:45:28.078. I installed 3.0.5 on December 19 and the scan was scheduled to run daily at 4:00pm. I'm not bothered about the 1½ hrs extra it took before running, but why would the application wait three days before running again?

And now, just as I'm typing this post, a Threat scan has just launched. So it looks like Mbam has decided for itself that a 'daily scan' means that it should run every three days. Obviously this isn't very satisfactory given that malware these days is very sophisticated and could cause havoc on the system in the intervening period when the scanner wasn't running like it's supposed to.

I copied the respective log entries which you'll find here:

12/19/16    " 17:37:21.446"    194292218    07ec    0a0c    INFO    ScanControllerImpl    mb::scancontrollerimpl::Scanner::StartScan    "Scanner.cpp"    472    "Starting Threat scan, clientID = ScanScheduler"
12/22/16    " 17:45:28.078"    188105859    0774    0adc    INFO    ScanControllerImpl    mb::scancontrollerimpl::Scanner::StartScan    "Scanner.cpp"    472    "Starting a Threat scan, clientID = ScanScheduler"
12/25/16    " 16:38:35.859"    443293640    0774    0adc    INFO    ScanControllerImpl    mb::scancontrollerimpl::Scanner::StartScan    "Scanner.cpp"    472    "Starting a Threat scan, clientID = ScanScheduler"

I've changed the scheduled scan to run hourly every four hours now to see whether that makes any difference.

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At least for one day, namely this one, my scheduled scan took place when it was set to take place. Now that I have stated that, I suppose that this will not continue.

I won't be able to find  out for a while: No thanks to Dell, my computer is going to the depot for repair. I do have Malwarebytes on my wife's computer, and I have set up a Windows 10 profile there with a few of my critical programs, but shall rely on her Malwarebytes installation for protection. I will try to check on what is happening on that machine and report here as to what I find (if, that is, I remember to find and report.)

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Did you check the scan recovery feature under "Advanced"? It is supposed to trigger the scan when the scheduled time is missed. For example, my scheduled scan is for 2 AM. But often my system is down at that time. Recovery ensures that the scan runs when the system comes back up. At least that's the way it's supposed to work, I don't see MBAM in Windows' Task Scheduler so I presume it is managed on its own.

@RetiredChief... Selecting the scan does not activate it, Selection checkbox is for Edit/Delete.

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