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  1. We live and learn. Apologies for my mistaken opinion.
  2. What do you mean by "leftover drivers"? Malwarebytes is an application designed to protect your computer from malware, the latter being malevolent type of software. It doesn't need to communicate with the computer hardware and therefore, it doesn't use drivers.
  3. Do you have another security app running? If so, it may be blocking the Mbam installation. See the following post for details:
  4. Which file does it stop at? Can you take a screenshot of it when it stops and then upload that here please.
  5. Hi, It's advisable to disable the self-protection module before attempting to uninstall Mbam and then to quit it before proceeding further. The Quit option can be found by right clicking the systray icon. You'll see the option to quit at the bottom of the menu as shown in the screenshot. You can try the workaround on the following site which explains how to rename the mbae.sys file which is the same as the one shown in your screenshot. http://techdows.com/2016/12/fix-malwarebytes-3-0-installation-mbae64-sys-error.html
  6. Please read the guidelines in the following post on how to report a new issue.
  7. See this link which explains what you have to do to report a new problem:
  8. The easiest way of achieving that goal is to turn off Malwarebytes notifications via Windows Control Panel | Notification area icons. Click the dropdown menu and you'll see the option. Here's a screenshot of it.
  9. What kind of image d'you have on the desktop at the moment? Assuming you have Windows 8.1 or 10, right click a blank part of the desktop and click Personalize. In the menu which opens, click the link to Desktop Background. This will take you to the folder where the current image is located. If there isn't any other image at that location which you'd like to use for your desktop, click the Browse button at the top and then navigate to another location where you keep your pictures and then checkmark the one you want. In the Picture position underneath all the images on the left, choose
  10. Well, in my particular case, rescheduling scans to every four hours seems to have done the trick I'm pleased to say.
  11. Definition version numbers are only shown in the MBAMSERVICE.log file as far as I know. It opens in Notepad by default and there's nothing to stop you perusing it. Here's a screenshot showing the most recent update versions.
  12. Please follow the guidelines in the following post so that we can try and assist you with your issue:
  13. Clicking the "OK" button where one exists is sufficient. Which settings are you trying to change?
  14. I had the same problem myself and resolved it by installing the December .NET Framework Security and Quality Rollup which you can download from the Microsoft Catalog site: http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB3205402 Since you have the x64 flavor of Windows 7, you want the first one in the list (133.3MB). Make sure you allow popups because when you click the Download button on the right hand side it launches a popup which contains the actual download link. You don't have to use Internet Explorer anymore since Microsoft removed the ActiveX control to enable download
  15. Staff seem to disagree with you regarding your statement that Mbam 3.0 isn't an AV.
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