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  1. Just a comment: A few minutes ago, I noticed that the Dropbox icon was not showing on the task bar, but was in the hidden list. Easily restored. I know if was thee a day or so ago, when I last used it, but don't know when it was changed from visible to hidden. This is the second icon that has been changed recently without my taking any action to change ether one. As I don't know when the Dropbox change took place, I cannot even try to impute the change as having been caused by any specific cause. Omnia causa fiunt. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. I rather knew that the program I was using was not the right one, but not only could I not recall the Support Tool, neither could my on-line search, which never turned it up. I got the wrong information from more than one MalwareBytes web posting. Strangely, a few moments ago, I discovered that MBytes had loaded on the second restart. I did not realize this until I opened the "Show hidden icons" list, where, for the second time recently, I found the MBytes icon there, rather than on the Task Bar where it should have been. This, too, is strange: Why would that setting change on a restart? I have no idea why using the wrong program caused MBytes to load on restart; if may have done so after my first attempt, but as I had not looked at the hidden icons screen, I don't know. I do know that yesterday, when I wondered why there was no MBytes icon anywhere, the program was not even listed in the Notification area list. Perhaps i have found a use for the wrong program, which apparently did one useful thing, it seems to have restored whatever it may have been that stopped MByes from starting on a computer reboot.
  3. As instructed here and elsewhere, I downloaded and ran Mbam-clean; then, as the one thing it did not do was to remove Malwarebytes, I ran it again. Once again, the program did nothing, other than to waste my time restating the computer twice, as there was apparently no attempt to actually remove and reinstall Malwarebytes. What should I do now?
  4. As you closed my thread, I cannot reply to it, so I am posting this (which will likely be removed, so be it): If you install Amazon Assistant from the Firefox extension site, among other things, you do NOT get Java installed. The information you posted may well be accurate for the site that you provided a link to, which I had never seen; its information may well be true for that site's link to Amazon Assistant, but not for using Mozilla to provide the extension for Firefox. Other problems cited in your link may be true for the Mozilla-provided extension, but that would be at least somewhat surprising, I word it that way as some such extensions have in the past been found to be problematic, but Mozilla does try to determine the safety of such files before posting them. With that, I have expressed my opinion and also have excluded Amazon Assistant from MWB, thanks to the link to the instructions thereunto provided by MWB.
  5. At the risk of seeming to be argumentative, I do not understand why a Firefox extension which has to be intentionally downloaded and installed, to the best of my knowledge, would be considered a PUP. The intentional process of downloading and installing it, do not meet any reasonable definition of "unwanted." If it is then decided that it is the "unwanted" part of PUP, it is an extremely simple process to remove it, not even requiring a reboot.
  6. MWB is reporting Abb@Amazon.com.xpi as a PUP. I believe that that is the Amazon Assistant extension for Firefox, which was isolated by MWB, and which, after I finished the MWB process by restarting the computer was no longer installed in Firefox.
  7. RetiredChief

    VLC update

    VLC updated 1328MDT this date.
  8. VLC updated 1328MDT this date, after blocked yesterday.
  9. RetiredChief

    VLC update

    Not fixed as of 1613 Local (MDT) Wednesday 12June2019. MWB reports Exploit blocked.
  10. I cannot say that I understand why this is now in the Chrome forum, given that it says in the message above that it is being moved to the Browser Extension product and that I rarely use Chrome, Firefox being my default browser, where I do have the MWB extension. Of course, given that I rarely understand anything, perhaps that explains why I don't understand this, either....
  11. Site continues to be blocked, and Malwarebytes continues to not show this in Reports.
  12. As it happens, I had looked there, but did not find anything for the entire month of March, 2019, so I wondered if perhaps I was not looking in the correct area. I just looked there again, and again found no entry that pertains to my report. The last entry for sites blocked is dated 10January2019.
  13. I would be happy to submit the Protection Log, but it seems to be protected, given that none of my on-line searches as to where the log would be found have actually sent me to wherever it is that the log is kept. Were you to provide me with a correct location and name of the desired file, then I will post said log here.
  14. All of the links in today's email, such as this, which I copied from the original text of the email link, are blocked: <http://trk.klclick.com/wf/click?upn=3Dku9YZpFmhxFpSsKcAH8UVlouaIBuJRnJ5ehz= qQR2qD-2B0N5PBGy2dQNGvQmVUBP6QEU05MzoERr6IBifUu0E3gea90tbN4h21o-2FHCSI4HTZI= -3D_KN-2B-2FPNtFzolEz-2FFO7CSc3CQC6uIln7ZG2VHdoFZNoNru8XQdmLDkcpgBeMtZN71qm= IS1eJL8deS6oShVeSXhRuSmWruD44-2BKk6a6kClzFx882d3n4g7Dx84h0dFriVtWl9mP7gQcdx= 9Zd7u7-2Bb8OqNXC9aJWHawh6aH-2BqEWJTyiWx1GiVQZV5c9fWFAdE9pDcZMdRVrIKMdHmJ7OL= wr-2BOtPxAO4W9KHPmOVqH5vA5qJK3xekyp5mHPwK7-2FZ2IdXZrtpbJtpNgvbnBSK-2BbEugtz= ZvRsGiOV2bUWegMuGy0lVur4Mlf4cffE0h5OIdVIKNtN7oJE8uFNTr6GCekgR8La1MsyRJaeeSY= 8O-2FOKVP894q9ZiYorvheTEi1culR-2F2ETpKgPEMN3VkTQyr0-2B8eA4Q-3D-3D> They go to a reputable vendor, as you can see from using the above link, http://www.atlanticbritish.com/ In this case, the actual link opens on the correct page for the products that the email states are available by clicking on the link for those products in the email.
  15. The url is shown in the text of my original message; it is the entire first paragraph. After reading your reply, I copied that, put it into the URL bar in Firefox, and had no problem accessing the form. However, when I encountered the problem yesterday, I clicked on whatever it is that says "Oh, good ahead and let me into the site, please." I suspect (don't know, just suspect) that the setting carries over even after a restart, which I did earlier today for an updated program. I told MWB to ignore the warning, as the site is, as far as I know, safe. When I did, i got the expected form on-screen, just as I do frequently, that is, the format was the same, the text of course changed for the specific prtition Why the link is so long I have no way of knowing; I clicked on the link in the email, which took me from Thunderbird to Firefox; when I got the clickbait warning, I simply copied what was in the Firefox URL box, and, later, copied iit nto my original message
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