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Infected again, Virus is blocking Malwarebytes


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Hello again,


Download WhoCrashed from here:

This program will try to verify the analysis, which is the cause of driver error.
Note: This program requires installation.

Double-click to start the installation, and click Next

  • Check I accept the agreement and then the Next .
    The program install to that location, and under that name by the program you offer.
  • Click Next and in the next window, click Next
  • Check Create a Desktop Icon and then click Next and then Install . .

    After you've installed WhoCrashed program, run it.

    Note: If you get message that it look like this:


    Click Download the requested file from the Microsoft site now and wait for the process to
    download additional files and installation is complete.

    >> When the program starts, click Analyze .
    When scanning is done,click OK .

  • Right-click on the area of the page with the report and select Select All, .

  • Right-click on the area of the page with the report and select copy

  • Open a new Notepad and select past to copy the contents of the logo in the notepad.

Now you can close the program.

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I downloaded, installed and ran the suggested program.  No crash dumps were found.  I had the program generate a system crash to confirm my computer does have the ability to produce crash dumps.  I am attaching the manually generated crash dump file. 

I may not have been clear: my PC has never crashed.  ChkDsk however has stopped running successfully.  It gets to stage 4 of 5, validating file data, and stops at 54% done and hangs as long as I leave it (left for 2 days, did not move).  I downloaded PartitionWizard and attempted to run a surface test, got the same result.  The PartitionWizard tool also hung at 54%.  I am presuming the virus/malware has written bad track information to prevent ChkDsk from being run to completion.  Not sure what my next steps are, as the virus could be on the last half of my 1TB hard drive, and no program will be able to get to it due to the bad sectors.

Suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!!


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Your indirect idea was/is correct: if it acts like a hardware failure, treat it like a hardware failure.  I ran the SMART tests and the hard drive threw an error code 303.  I have a new hard drive and am working to try to recover the old hard drive.  I will post again when I get the new hard drive up and running.

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Recovered the drive using "Clonezilla", only package able to clone/image a hard drive that already had bad sectors on it (use "Expert" mode, "Rescue" option), still had to run for 3 days to successfully finish the clone.  Malwarebytes is functioning correctly at the moment.  Unless something surfaces later, I will presume the Sept 29th issue and this issue were both due to a failing hard drive.  This can be closed, again thank you very much for your guidance!

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