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  1. OK, it's Jan 8th, I've had nothing lock up since update package 8551. I think you can close this as successful. Thank you!
  2. Still good news, Wednesday Jan 2nd at 7:00 am and no lockups.
  3. I flipped all the Malwarebytes protection toggles on yesterday 12/30. No issues as of 2:15 pm 12/31.
  4. Here is the requested dump. Hopefully I can disappoint you and not have another lockup/freeze. If/when I do, will use your remaining directions. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. No complaints at all, I'm in IT and know all too well how hard if not impossible it can be to remotely troubleshoot an issue appearing on a small subset of users. It's 6:25 am here, 8 am will make 24 hours with no lockup, so much better than earlier in the week. I will go ahead and send the requested materials (log dumps, etc.) on another post. Thanks Again!
  6. All: I am running Win7/64 and having the issues. My wife is next to me running a laptop with Win10 and update package version 1.0.8551 Her laptop running Win10 has never locked up, so I am presuming a Win10 change broke Win7 users. I am running since 8 am without lock-up. I checked just now, looks like my Win7/64 desktop is also running update package version 1.0.8551
  7. Good news so far, I have been running the latest version with all protection toggles on since 8 am, 6 hours now, no lockup/freeze. Potentially fixed?? Still, component 1.0.508, but the update package version is now at 1.0.8549
  8. I hope the Malwarebytes team has not forgotten me and does not presume I am "fixed" - I'm not, I turned Malwarebytes off and my machine stopped locking up. Last comment to me was 12/25. Is there a newer version I should try? What are my next steps??
  9. Yes, seasons greetings to you too! I am good with waiting to hear back. If you/they need anything, please let me know. I'd love to get this fixed...
  10. No worries! I pulled the log files with Malware turned off (so it would not lock the computer), let me know if you need me to pull logs with Malware enabled, I'll give it my best shot. I was originally working with Nasdaq on this, I'm here on a new thread per following the "Having problems using Malwarebytes" topic.
  11. 1PW, my "mbst-grab-results.zip file was posted above in my last/previous message. Are you asking me to pull them again?
  12. Requested file dumps are attached. Let me know next steps, especially when I should turn all the Malware toggles back on, since that will lock the machine up again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. original ticket from 12/20 8:55 am "Unable to turn on malware toggle in Malware Premium" The original ticket was opened because the first four toggles on the Protection tab were stuck in the off position. My desktop had started locking up/freezing, which caused me to check Malware bytes. Working with "Nasdaq" fixed the toggle problem, however the version is repeatedly locking my desktop, sometimes before I can even get on the forum and type a message to you. Out of curiosity, I turned off all toggles on the Protection tab yesterday, and my desktop has not locked up since. P
  14. Out of curiosity, I went to the "protection" tab and set all the toggles to "off". My desktop has not locked up since then. I guess I'll start your 12/22 11:30 am steps and see where it goes.
  15. with one significant difference: the above link contains the same directions, but from two years ago, November 14, 2016, and asks me to start a new topic. Wouldn't I want to stay with my current topic/ticket? Are we about to enter an infinite loop? (begin: open a new topic, dump files, send them to us, try these suggestions. If they do not work, loop back to begin:)
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