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malwarebytes keeps closed my web browsers .

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this is not the first time the issue it happened. I’ve been noticed my web-browsers to keeps shutdown/close out so many times and not sure if this due to a new program that was already been added to the new version of malwarebytes anti-malware version 3  . anyone’s else has the same problem ? my log file can be found here

I use Firefox based browser for now .(Mozilla Firefox and Cyberfox) and with windows 7 ultimate .and I really not sure if this issue its happen with others NON-Firefox based ? confirm .:ph34r:?

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I am starting to get very confuses with so many topics being opened. If this is all the same machine, can we just stick to one topic for any issues you have? It's getting very time consuming to search out all your other topics and try to figure out where we are with what, and for me to try to find the topics with most recent info or changes that we've done.

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I have run it to the problem with windows 10 using both malwarebytes 3 and antiexplote ver was preventing me foe running internet explore 11.I solved my problem by disabling the anti exploit managed protected application setting to off for internet explorer 11 and add ons in both version.I have not had any problem with Firefox.the anti exploit module seems to have a browser bug.I hope This info is helpful.                      

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5 minutes ago, Ried said:

I honestly don't have the time to dig through and figure it all out. I have many, many people I'm helping here at one time.  Can you please just post this in the most recent topic you have, where we're already working with issues?  It would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

I really do not know how to start the topic in this forum. If I've opened some topic. Someone will complain. He will tell me that I have to open a new topic for each problem. Then if I did this. Then he will not like what I'm doing open threads

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Hi Gt-truth

I am new to the forum I do not know how to merge threads but in time I will learn.Just to give you a little update after I turned off the application protection for internet explorer 11 I have not had any problems.But before doing so ie 11 would not start Firefox and windows edge work fine.I am running win 10 pro and Kaspersky total security my system is a gigabyte motherboard x99 with solid state hard drives.I pretty sure changing the browser protection will help some people and others it might not I just hope that maybe I did help someone and thank for your reply.

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