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  1. Hello MickCQM An automated reply was sent to your ticket yesterday with instructions to restore default. If that did not resolve the issue, the instructions also asked you to upload logs from the Support tool. I do see your logs here - I can work from these but will reply in your ticket within the next 15 minutes. I'm closing this so as not to have multiple people providing instructions.
  2. I did find Pedro14's ticket on the HelpDesk and assisted him. It was indeed a false detection and advised him it was ok to open that file. I had also found Titan360's ticket and replied to that.
  3. You're most welcome, happy to have helped! Again, our apologies for the delay.
  4. Hello Lzahner, I'll be replying to your ticket shortly, our sincere apologies for the delay.
  5. I'm sorry you're experiencing this delay, I do see the information requested was supplied by you. I've reached out to that team and someone should be responding to your ticket today.
  6. @Maurice Naggar we have also been assisting Dan964 on the HelpDesk . Can we close this topic while we're working with him there?
  7. This is a known issue at the moment, that is being worked on. Please see
  8. Our sincere apologies for the delay, I'll be replying to you as soon as I am able today. We're doing the best we can to get to everyone asap. With so many people working from home, we've had an unprecedented, continuous amount of 'malware related' inquiries
  9. Ried

    Browser Guard

    No need to inform me, I'm following this topic. 🙂
  10. Hello Angryman404 As I explained in your other topic, you are already working with Malware Removal Experts on the HelpDesk. Please continue in your ticket. The report you sent from your diagnosis was only them stating they found malware and removed it, they did not say it was a virus and as Porthos mentioned in your other topic, there are far more common reasons than malware on a machine that can cause performance issues. I'll be taking over your HelpDesk ticket
  11. Hello peterabc - I did locate your HelpDesk ticket and will send a reply in that ticket shortly. I am going to lock this topic simply to avoid having several people providing instructions to you when they aren't fully aware of the reason your machine is having difficulty installing this latest version.
  12. You're most welcome, I'm so glad to hear all is well now. 🙂
  13. By any chance do you use BitDefender as your AV? If so, ensure you are on the latest version which is
  14. wheeler47 - I see you opened a ticket on our HelpDesk. Please follow the instructions provided in that email which are essentially the same as you were given here - use our Support Tool to perform a Clean/Reinstall and let us know if that resolved the issue for you
  15. Glad to hear all is well now, Chromosom 🙂 Just to clarify, that many files weren't necessarily all 'infected', Many of them were just files inside Segurazo's cache folder and we simply enumerated each file in there. One way for you to be able to determine this is to open your Scan Report via the Reports button and look at the path of each of the detections. You'll notice most of them are in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Segurazo\cache folder This program typically comes bundled with some other free software that you downloaded. One way to try to keep yourself safe from this sort of this
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