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  1. Hello Snoopy_Rocks and welcome to Malwarebytes. I've replied to your ticket, and we'll continue there.
  2. @jem01 as I am working with you in our HelpDesk for this same issue, I'm closing this topic. Please continue with me in your HelpDesk ticket. Thank you. 🙂
  3. Helllo aelsner, William replied to your ticket, please continue with him in your HelpDesk ticket - I'll close this topic.
  4. Hello DADER, Judging by the email query you sent, it seems to have been a misunderstanding on the Agent's part. Your first sentence seemed to indicate an issue between Malwarbytes and Windows Defender. While I understand your frustration with the reply you received, have you mentioned it to the Agent in your ticket? You don't access the ticket as an employee, you simply reply to the email that was sent. Please continue in the HelpDesk ticket - I'll be closing this topic so as not to add even more confusion and I will be monitoring your ticket.
  5. Hello TrevorTheWorker and welcome to Malwarebytes. ? I see we are already working with you on this issue, via the HelpDesk. The dump files you sent in this morning, have been forwarded to our QA department for review, please continue in that ticket so efforts are not duplicated here on the forum. They'll get back to you as soon as they've had time to review and analyze them.
  6. Hello Xauma95, In the last set of logs you provided, Avast Secure Browser was still installed - what happens if you uninstall that? Avast Secure Browser (HKLM-x32\...\Avast Secure Browser) (Version: 69.0.829.81 - AVAST Software)
  7. Hello Judy, Your ticket is being worked on and I can see that the mb-support tool logs just came in yesterday. I'm sure the Agent will get to your ticket as soon as they can today.
  8. Hello savage2018wwe and welcome to Malwarebytes. Avast may be interfering with our Support Tool. Please temporarily disable Avast and run the mb-support tool again. If it still gives an error, try running the tool from Safe Mode with Networking and attach the logs in your next reply.
  9. Hello 3dreal, Malwarebytes versions 2.18 and above do require that the cpu handle SSE2 threading. As your machine does not, there is a hotfix but it will not apply to Malwarebytes 3.x and above. The 'hotfix' that I'm sending you is going to swap out the Qt5core.dll with an older version of that file so Malwarebytes 2.2.1 will install and run for you. Again, this cannot be done with our Malwarebytes 3.x versions at all, so MBAM 2.2.1 is the highest you'll be able to go. Download the attached Hotfix and save it to your desktop so it is handy. You can download and install version 2.2.1 from here https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbam_2x but you'll need to make some adjustments. Begin the installation but don't Finish it. When it gets to the last window that states Finish and Launch Malwarebytes - stop there and run the Hotfix that you downloaded. Simply double click to run it - it will only take seconds to complete. Once that has been done, now click Finish in the installation window. IMPORTANT: After the installation is complete, the first thing MBAM does is try to update the database, including any new program version. When that starts, just exit MBAM via the notification area icon so that process is interrupted. Or, restart the computer. Next time you start MBAM, it won't try an immediate update. You can then change the settings so it won't update the program version, only the database, detection rules. On the Settings tab > Update Settings > uncheck the box 'Check for program updates when checking for database updates' Now, you should be able to update the database, and stay on MBAM 2.2 on this machine, and it should work for you without issue. Malwarebytes_2.1.8_SSE2_Hotfix.zip
  10. Hello and welcome. Did Chrome crash prior to this happening? Can both of you please follow the instructions in Post 2 above for Downloading and running our Support tool and attach the mb-grab-results.zip that is created?
  11. Hello lrbidan and welcome to Malwarebytes. Are you on the latest version which is 7.2.1? If not, you can read about it and download from the pinned topic at the top of this section of the forum:
  12. Hello GodBlessAmerica and you're most welcome. I have been advised by the Developer that this has been fixed. Update the database of AdwCleaner then run another scan. Please let me know if it is still being detected.
  13. Hi GodBlessAmerica. I can't tell at this point if one of your optimizing programs continues to create that key, or if AdwCleaner isn't removing it properly. That setting relates Internet Explorer browser and it simply turns off the prompt asking if you want to disable Add Ons in the browser to help speed it up IE launching. Have you been running Privazer or Wise Care? In the meantime, I've reached out to the Developer
  14. You're welcome and thank you for the extra AdwCleaner logs. Could you run the FRST tool please? This next scanner will not make any changes to your machine on its own, nor will it divulge any personal information that may compromise your security. Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool from here FRST 32-bit version: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/FRST FRST 64-bit version: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/FRST64 Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are unsure which version you need, download both of them - only 1 will actually run on the machine. Note: If you are prompted by Windows SmartScreen, click the 'More info' link, then select 'Run anyway'. •Double-click to run it. •Click the Scan button. •When the scan has finished, it will save 2 logs in the same location the tool was run from - please attach the following logs in your next reply: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. Hello GodBlessAmerica, Thank you for the Adwcleaner log - I'll also need to see the logs created by the FRST tool that AdvancedSetup provided instructions for. Please attach those logs as soon as you get the chance.
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