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  1. Hello Angryman404 As I explained in your other topic, you are already working with Malware Removal Experts on the HelpDesk. Please continue in your ticket. The report you sent from your diagnosis was only them stating they found malware and removed it, they did not say it was a virus and as Porthos mentioned in your other topic, there are far more common reasons than malware on a machine that can cause performance issues. I'll be taking over your HelpDesk ticket
  2. Hello peterabc - I did locate your HelpDesk ticket and will send a reply in that ticket shortly. I am going to lock this topic simply to avoid having several people providing instructions to you when they aren't fully aware of the reason your machine is having difficulty installing this latest version.
  3. You're most welcome, I'm so glad to hear all is well now. 🙂
  4. By any chance do you use BitDefender as your AV? If so, ensure you are on the latest version which is
  5. wheeler47 - I see you opened a ticket on our HelpDesk. Please follow the instructions provided in that email which are essentially the same as you were given here - use our Support Tool to perform a Clean/Reinstall and let us know if that resolved the issue for you
  6. Glad to hear all is well now, Chromosom 🙂 Just to clarify, that many files weren't necessarily all 'infected', Many of them were just files inside Segurazo's cache folder and we simply enumerated each file in there. One way for you to be able to determine this is to open your Scan Report via the Reports button and look at the path of each of the detections. You'll notice most of them are in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Segurazo\cache folder This program typically comes bundled with some other free software that you downloaded. One way to try to keep yourself safe from this sort of this is when installing free software, select the Custom Install rather than the 'Express' or 'Typical' install. When you select the Custom Install, you'll see any 3rd party apps that may have been bundled and you have the chance to opt out.
  7. It looks to me that some of those entries are Segurazo related. See Boot into Safe Mode Open Malwarebytes > Settings > Protection tab Scroll down to Scanning Options and enable Rootkit Scan Now scan again and it will still take time, but it will be effective.
  8. Hello Ken_NC One of our Agents replied to your ticket a short while ago - please continue to work with him.
  9. Thanks for letting us know you were able to resolve this, Broni. 🙂
  10. You also have a ticket on our HelpDesk for this same issue - shall we close the HelpDesk ticket so instructions to you are not duplicated?
  11. Ok, I don't want to inconvenience you, just set it back to 150% I believe this is related to a issue the Engineers are aware of and they are working on sorting this out in an upcoming release. Until then, please ignore those shadowed words in the title bar. I'll reach out to you in this topic when they believe they've addressed this issue.
  12. What did you set it to? If not at 100%. please try that - thanks for your time. 🙂
  13. Thanks, what happens if you set it below that? That shadowing words should go away - can you confirm that for me?
  14. Hello softsnow, By any chance is your DPI set to above 150% ?
  15. Hello AnglepoiseLamp, I see that you have created a ticket on our HelpDesk. We'll continue via that ticket and I'll close this topic.
  16. Hello lorelei1952 and welcome to Malwarebytes. We apologize for the delay, an Agent will be replying to your ticket shortly. I'll close this topic - please continue in your HelpDesk ticket. Thanks! 🙂
  17. Hello dissatisfied We do not ever charge for an upgrade. It sounds as though your license simply didn't migrate to the upgraded version as expected. If you have your license that still has 2 months left on it, entering that existing license in the Settings > Account Details window or via the Activate button in the upper corner of the Dashboard, would have reinstated the Premium features. Please send me a PM (Personal Message) with you latest purchase details and I'll take care of refunding that purchase. To send me a Personal Message, click my avatar to go to my Profile and click send message
  18. Hello Snoopy_Rocks and welcome to Malwarebytes. I've replied to your ticket, and we'll continue there.
  19. @jem01 as I am working with you in our HelpDesk for this same issue, I'm closing this topic. Please continue with me in your HelpDesk ticket. Thank you. 🙂
  20. Helllo aelsner, William replied to your ticket, please continue with him in your HelpDesk ticket - I'll close this topic.
  21. Hello DADER, Judging by the email query you sent, it seems to have been a misunderstanding on the Agent's part. Your first sentence seemed to indicate an issue between Malwarbytes and Windows Defender. While I understand your frustration with the reply you received, have you mentioned it to the Agent in your ticket? You don't access the ticket as an employee, you simply reply to the email that was sent. Please continue in the HelpDesk ticket - I'll be closing this topic so as not to add even more confusion and I will be monitoring your ticket.
  22. Hello TrevorTheWorker and welcome to Malwarebytes. ? I see we are already working with you on this issue, via the HelpDesk. The dump files you sent in this morning, have been forwarded to our QA department for review, please continue in that ticket so efforts are not duplicated here on the forum. They'll get back to you as soon as they've had time to review and analyze them.
  23. Hello Xauma95, In the last set of logs you provided, Avast Secure Browser was still installed - what happens if you uninstall that? Avast Secure Browser (HKLM-x32\...\Avast Secure Browser) (Version: 69.0.829.81 - AVAST Software)
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