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Update server access blocked SOLVED


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I thought I had posted the initial question on this topic a couple of days ago, but I can't find it, which would explain why I didn't get a reply.  I have managed to correct it but it was bizarre enough I  thought I would post the solution.

I was having a problem not being able to connect to the Malwarebytes update server. Since the dashboard starts off looking for updates, it wouldn't run even on an old set of descriptions. I was looking for a reason why I was getting huge temporary downloads without any residues so I gave up on Malwarebytes and went looking for another solution. It felt like the Microsoft Delivery Optimization, but I had that turned off in Settings. After lurching through 40 or 50 web pages, I decided to try modifying the Local Group Policy. When I got to the Optimization function, it was unconfigured. I changed it to HTTP only and that stopped the downloads. Immediately after that I had access to the update server and could run Malwarebytes. I will leave it to the folks that make the big bucks to figure out why.


This is not the only bug that I have had to hack at to fix in Windows 10. The next one is figuring out why my FixMeStick is crashing my system. I already solved the one that had my touchpad spazzing.  Hurray for Windows 10 1607 !*#!




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