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Concerns about malware from " _q_idm 6 "

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I wanted to install IDM on a new computer but didn't know where I had put my serial key. So

I went for a crack. Bad idea.

1: Clicked Download: Mirror Link
2: Clicked "Download Crack + Setup"
3: Started Executable
4: Saw shitware and clicked close in bottom left corner
5:Some tab came up which I closed without reading. I fear that it said that if you click close without unchecking shitware in install it installs said shitware.
6:I wanted to run the executable but now my avast was stopping me. I turned if off for a bit in order to run the executable but had second thoughts, cancelled and ran a system restore.
7: Tried again, had second thoughts again. Ran another system restore.

After running the executable some shitware search engine and some other site were opened up in my browser.
Since then I haven't noticed anything wrong, but it has only been a few hours.

First off, can someone tell me what the damage is? Maybe someone could tell me what the message I didn't read said (by running " _q_idm 6 " for me, with the appropriate precautions of course). With luck it might have said that it WON'T install the shitware,

but I have my doubts about that.

My gratitude in advance and apologies for any impositions.

(Edit: My OS is Windows 7 64bit in case anyone wants to know)

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Removed potentially dangerous link
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  • Root Admin

Hello @Fwgfd and :welcome:

Please refrain from using vulgar terms here on the forums.

If you need assistance in removing said PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program) then I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.

Thank you again



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