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MPlayerX of official AppleStore = Maleware?

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HI all,


since the update of 1st August MPlayerX of the official Mac Apple Store is declared as PUP.

Few days ago it was not.

I didnt update MPLayerX - it is installed, i dont know since month without using it anymore. An Maleware-bytes didnt declare it as PUP in the past.

Ok today it did.

I removed it - and made a cross check - install from AppleStore again - and again Malwarebytes found it.

Is it a false positive? Or is the MPlayerX of the AppleStore really malware?
Why is it malware? 

I checked the settings of my browsers (unchanged, no additional plugins or no new start-page), also the security settings are unchanged.
Do you know what MPlayerX of AppleStore is impacting?


Thank you very much

Best regards


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  • Staff

We detect MPlayerX as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) for two reasons.

First, the official MPlayerX installer, downloaded from the official MPlayerX site, will install adware and other PUPs, thus hijacking the user's web browser and exposing the user to programs that will attempt to scam them.

Secondly, that installer displays malware-like analysis avoidance behavior. In other words, it behaves differently when run in a virtual machine (where it can be reasonably assumed that a security researcher is probably analyzing its behavior) than it does on a "real system."

MPlayerX is not trustworthy, and we feel our users deserve to know that. I'd recommend using a more trustworthy video player, such as VLC (videolan.org).


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  • Staff
17 hours ago, Popeye said:

Now we have to watch for PUP's from the Apple Store. :angry:

Apple has shown a desire to come down very hard on true malware. Malware doesn't last very long on the Mac before it gets killed at the OS level. However, they seem to have no interest in trying to police things like adware and PUPs. There are plenty of worthless, junk apps in both the Mac and iOS App Stores.

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