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Fixmypc false positive


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Hello Sirs,

My name is Ian, a representative of TweakBit here. We've a got a false detection (PUP) by Malwarebytes concerning our product TweakBit FixMyPC (tweakbit.com/fix-my-pc/).

We are aware of your general attitude towards this kind of software. We think these arguments will help you to make the balanced decision.

1. We do not have aggressive bundling like our competitors in the market.

2. Our product is not free and doesn't provide full functionality for free, only the issue scan, but we guarantee 30 day refund, with no questions asked. This results in 100% customer satisfaction. If customers don't feel any benefits they will get the money back.

3. Our product doesn't have only register cleaner, but several useful tools like Uninstall Manager (helps to get rid of hardly uninstallable software) and Tweak Manager (applies better system settings depending on your goals).    

4. You may consider our software as digital snake oil, but this seems to you because like any other IT specialist you have a decent computer with relatively new hardware. But most of our target audience (90% of our customers) are elderly people with old PC hardware, small hard drive and RAM, and clogged OS. In their case, one alone registry cleaner does really help to improve the PC performance by 20-40%.    

5. We do not scare users, we do not say in the program that the found issues cause damage or smth. We say that the issues found have a certain priority (low, medium, high) in the improvement potential.

6. We have a live chart support, free call phone support (USA and Canada), free email support and the direct refund request form for users not noticing any improvements http://www.tweakbit.com/support/contact/?contact=1   

7. We are not worse than Norton Utilities or AVG TuneUP products which are not flagged as PUA by you.

8. We are a real GOLD application development partner of Microsoft and the trusted company by millions of users.

You can download our product here: tweakbit.com/fix-my-pc/ and we can even give you the license key to test the product if you like

On the basis of the points above we kindly ask you stop flagging us as PUA asap.

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Our detection stays as outlined in detail here already:

As an additional note, this program was also submitted to us multiple times before, where it was pushed on their PC - how it displayed so called errors (severe) on brand new PCs.

When we flag something as Unwanted, it's also because we take note of user reviews + the fact that it has been submitted to us so many times already where we were asked to list as PUP - as that's what this exactly means, Potentially Unwanted Program



If he user purchased the program and is willing to keep it, all they have to do is ignore the detection (whitelist), or uncheck PUP detection.

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