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KB 3035583


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Just appeared on my taskbar to install? http://www.infoworld.com/article/3016033/microsoft-windows/enough-already-microsoft-pushes-windows-nagware-patch-kb-3035583-for-sixth-time.html

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3035583   and, the GWX control Panel did nothing?  another patch I hid. until next time

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There are two steps to remove KB3035583 from your computer, the first step is described here for Windows 7 and here for Windows 8. and involves uninstalling an update. In this case make sure you remove the KB3035583 update and not accidentally another one. 

After a few seconds the update is be removed and your computer doesn’t need to restart.

I needed to follow both of these, and (so far) it is working. Believe me, you are one of 100,000,000 who want to kill M/soft for this. - Sorry but my ISP can not even keep a decent line so I just post when I can. There are dozens of answers for "How to fully delete KB3035583" in google, but I only keep with the better ones.

If you do not click on the taskbar icon and follow All the steps, it will go away "soon". I pumped another email saying they can expect legal action for falsely listing this as Security Update when it is not. Not much chance they willlisten to me ??

John -


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